Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Hidden His-Story of Man & Deep State: ACT 1: THE BEGINNING

Every story needs a beginning, and ours begins at The Beginning of Our World, Our Species, and Our Problems, Including The Enemy. To Tell...

Hidden His-Story of Man & Deep State: ACT 2: The Seed War Begins

 The Seed War - A war between Adamites (Pureblood Sons of Adam, or Human) and the Progency of the Fallen Watchers - The "Ancient...

FDA Finally Takes Down Ivermectin Posts After Settlement

Social media posts urging people not to take ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19 have been taken down by the U.S. Food and...

MSM Trots Out ‘Bird Flu-Pocalypse’ After Texas Dairy Worker Falls Ill

Bird flu is back in the news after a Texas dairy worker tested positive for the virus in the first documented case of bird-cow-human transmission...

Never Ever Forget

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Montana Supreme Court Tries To Move The State Left

The court’s decision appears to be part of a wider judicial effort to reverse conservative electoral trends in Montana...

The Deep State Prepares For A Trump Victory

We’ve all wondered if the fix is already in. Given the irregularities of the last election, and the manner in which the whole of the U.S. establishment rallied...
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‘Bird Flu-Pocalypse’ Forces Hong Kong To Suspend Some Imports Of US Poultry Meat

The recent spread of bird flu—also known as highly pathogenic avian influenza, or HPAI— across several US states has been hyped by corporate media...

Federal Reserve Refuses To Provide Records Of Foreign Gold Holdings

Weeks after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell evaded a sitting congressman’s questions about the central bank’s foreign gold holdings...

Great, Now Band-Aids Pose Cancer Risk Thanks To ‘Forever Chemicals’

Major medical bandages, including from brands Band-Aid and Curad, were found to contain dangerous levels of ‘forever chemicals’ linked to cancer...

“Insane”: US Physicians Received Billions From Pharmaceutical And Medical Device Industry, New Research Finds

U.S. physicians received more than $12 billion in payments from the pharmaceutical and medical device industry over a 10-year period...

Scott McKay – Patriot Streetfighter – Clickbait Friend of Pedophiles

Scott McKay - Patriot Streetfighter Hangs out with & defends child rapists and others who also endorse pedos. Defended pedophile Phil Godlewski (SGAnon?) who he associates...

Pedophile Phil Godlewski, Cheating ShitHusband & Clickbait Extraordinaire

Pedophile Phil Godlewski, Cheating ShitHusband & Clickbait Extraordinaire
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Unstoppable Food Episode 10 – Fertilize Water for Garden Plants (or Animals!) Automatically w/ Irrigation

In this third episode of Unstoppable Food - As homesteaders, we understand the importance of nourishing our gardens with the utmost care..

Unstoppable Food Episode 9 – Multiply Your Plants For Free, Exponential Food – Abundance

In this third episode of Unstoppable Food - In the world of homesteading, we often find ourselves marveling at the beauty of nature and the miraculous way it provides for us...
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