Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Hidden His-Story of Man & Deep State: ACT 1: THE BEGINNING

Every story needs a beginning, and ours begins at The Beginning of Our World, Our Species, and Our Problems, Including The Enemy. To Tell...

Hidden His-Story of Man & Deep State: ACT 2: The Seed War Begins

 The Seed War - A war between Adamites (Pureblood Sons of Adam, or Human) and the Progency of the Fallen Watchers - The "Ancient...

Biden Signs Bill To Declassify COVID Origins Intel

Having earlier issued his first veto since taking office, rejecting a bill that would have reversed a Labor Department rule on ESG investing, President...

WATCH: Anthony Fauci Blames Anti-Vaccine Mandate Republicans for COVID and Says He Will Break Their Will

Reported by: The Gateway Pundit The Gateway Pundit reported earlier about about DC resident filleting Dr. Anthony Fauci and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser as they went door to door...
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Florida’s Lee County Republican Executive Committee Passes Motion to Return to Paper Ballots

Reported by: The Gateway Pundit Florida’s Lee County Republican Executive Committee (LCREC)voted last night to pass a motion to get rid of  voting machines in the...

BOMBSHELL! Emails Show ERIC Was SHARING Voter Information With Third-Party Group Tied To Zuckerberg In 2020 Election

Reported By: Newly acquired public records reveal that there’s much more to the exact relationship between the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) and the...
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The Dollar Doomsday “Prophecy” – What That Pyramid Means.

The Dollar Doomsday Prophecy - What That Pyramid Means. Alternately Titled, The Freemason Doomsday Prophecy of New World Order & Return of The Watchers & Nephilim...

Musk Blasts Biden After Prez Lies Twice About ‘3% Billionaire Tax’

On Saturday, President Biden's social media galaxy brains tweeted out a twice-corrected lie, quoting the president telling said lie, that billionaires are getting away...

Lyme: The Government Has Been Making Bugs More Deadly

Reported By: Mercola In a February 28, 2023, Substack article, investigative journalist Paul D. Thacker interviewed award-winning author Kris Newby about the U.S. government's history...

There’s No Such Thing As ‘Healthy Obesity’

Authored by Ross Pomeroy via RealClear Wire, Conventional wisdom, along with boatloads of scientific evidence, point to obesity being universally unhealthy, leading to diabetes, cancer,...

Scott McKay – Patriot Streetfighter – Clickbait Friend of Pedophiles

Scott McKay - Patriot Streetfighter Hangs out with & defends child rapists and others who also endorse pedos. Defended pedophile Phil Godlewski (SGAnon?) who he associates...

Pedophile Phil Godlewski

Phil Godlewski Child Rapist. Phil Godlewski is so absolutely screwed The victim in Phil's "corrupting a minor" charge from years ago where Phil was 25 years old...

Simple Gardening

In this Special Report: Simple Gardening Source: David The Good   In Case You Missed It:

3 Easy Ways to Grow Tomatoes from Cuttings and How to Layer Plants to Multiply 1 Plant Into 1000

In this Special Report: Starting tomatoes from cuttings is super easy. Today I share three ways to propagate tomatoes that work great - guaranteed! Three Ways...

18-Day Fast Compost

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Be Careful Who You Trust

Be Careful Who You Trust       In Case You Missed It:
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