Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Hidden His-Story of Man & Deep State: ACT 1: THE BEGINNING

Every story needs a beginning, and ours begins at The Beginning of Our World, Our Species, and Our Problems, Including The Enemy. To Tell...

Hidden His-Story of Man & Deep State: ACT 2: The Seed War Begins

 The Seed War - A war between Adamites (Pureblood Sons of Adam, or Human) and the Progency of the Fallen Watchers - The "Ancient...

Ex-CDC Director Says It’s High Time To Admit ‘Significant Side Effects’ Of COVID-19 Vaccines

Dr. Robert Redfield, former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said Thursday that many officials who tried to warn the public...

WHO’s Fascist F**kery: “Homicidal Racketeering Scheme Masquerading As Disease Prevention”

While our country sleepwalks through the deadly aftermath of the evil Covid-19 operation, the World Health Organization (WHO) puts the final touches...
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Trump Says He Believes A ‘Great Silent Majority’ Will Vote For Him In November

Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday said he believes he has a “great silent majority” who will vote for him during the 2024 election...

Judge Rejects Democrat Lawsuit Challenging Wisconsin Absentee Voting Requirements

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit claiming that Wisconsin’s requirement for witnesses to sign for absentee voters clashes with federal law...
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America’s Dairy Cow Replacement Inventory Collapses To Two-Decade Low 

The nation’s food supply chain remains under stress. We’ve been sounding the alarm on America’s beef cattle supply dwindling to the lowest levels in over...

With Momentum In Its Favor, Gold Has Potential To Head Higher

Gold looks well poised to build on this year’s gains, with speculative momentum seeming to entice marginal buying and perpetrating a virtuous circle...

$27,000 Gold


Trojan Tomato: A New GMO Is Designed To Infiltrate America’s Gardens

As spring gardening approaches, a new contender has entered the fray—the genetically modified (GM) Purple Tomato. Unlike its GM predecessors...

Coffee Compound May Help Counteract Age-Related Muscle Loss

According to recent research, a natural compound found in coffee could be the secret weapon against age-related muscle loss...

Scott McKay – Patriot Streetfighter – Clickbait Friend of Pedophiles

Scott McKay - Patriot Streetfighter Hangs out with & defends child rapists and others who also endorse pedos. Defended pedophile Phil Godlewski (SGAnon?) who he associates...

Pedophile Phil Godlewski, Cheating ShitHusband & Clickbait Extraordinaire

Pedophile Phil Godlewski, Cheating ShitHusband & Clickbait Extraordinaire
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Unstoppable Food Episode 10 – Fertilize Water for Garden Plants (or Animals!) Automatically w/ Irrigation

In this third episode of Unstoppable Food - As homesteaders, we understand the importance of nourishing our gardens with the utmost care..

Unstoppable Food Episode 9 – Multiply Your Plants For Free, Exponential Food – Abundance

In this third episode of Unstoppable Food - In the world of homesteading, we often find ourselves marveling at the beauty of nature and the miraculous way it provides for us...
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