Vaccine Kills between 1,072,847 and 2,616,700 in United States per Gov. Data.


Vaccine Kills between 1,072,847 and 2,616,700 in United States per Gov. Data.

“(Based on Lazarus study numbers, less than 1% report) = 2,616,700 Dead.”

*Edit: Typo in the excerpted article, 2,616,700 not 26,167,000 – Apologies for confusion.*

The excerpt below was taken from this article on Mercola. I felt it was important for people to understand the following: the data calculated below is based on the ALTERED VAERS DATABASE after the CDC Changed the numbers to hide the death toll.

The VAERS system had recorded 11,140 reported deaths from the COVID vaccine in the United States in July.

This was up from 9,125 reported deaths from the COVID-19 vaccinations total the previous week according to the CDC’s own data.

At this rate, the VAERS (where less than 1% of people report issues according to the governments own Lazarus study.) was growing at a rate of about 2000 per week. After this CDC edit, the growth rate was about 10% as much, or 200 a week.

At that rate, the reported death toll would be about 20,000 higher now, roughly 10 weeks later.

The numbers on the calculations below are way low – The VAERS death reports were well over what is being reported officially now, even if we account for a slowing in vaccine acceptance during this time as they ran out of willing guinea pigs. Following the math below (which gives a very conservative factor of 41 for multiplying the VAERS total by. I follow the LAZARUS study directly and estimate (conservatively) 100x since LESS than 1% actually report to VAERS. I will provide totals below the excerpt below so that you can see both. I believe this is done to avoid sounding too sensational or alarmist. I think alarmism is called for mid genocide. To each their own..

The Excerpt from Mercola:

“More Than 200,000 Have Likely Been Killed by the Jabs

Between the documentation on his website and the video, you get a detailed in-depth understanding of how to do this and how Kirsch came to the conclusions made. Here, I will simply provide a summary rundown of Kirsch calculations and conclusions:

  1. Propensity to report = same as in previous years
  2. Number of domestic deaths in the VAERS database = 6,167 as of August 27, 2021
  3. Under-reporting factor for serious events = 41 (i.e., for every 41 events, only one is reported)
  4. Background VAERS death rate = 500 per year (this background death number will be subtracted twice, as most COVID jab recipients are receiving two doses. This gives us a very conservative estimate)
  5. Excess deaths calculation = (6,167 – 2 x 500) x 41 = 212,000 excess deaths

Using the same calculation methods, Kirsch conservatively estimates more than 300,000 Americans have also been permanently disabled by the COVID shots. These estimates have been validated by four teams of researchers using other methods. (None of them used VAERS data.)

Kirsch also demonstrates another calculation to show the COVID shots kill more people than the actual COVID-19 infection does. That calculation also shows that if you’re under the age of 50, your risk of dying from the vaccine is greater than your chance of dying from COVID-19, so it makes no sense from a risk-benefit perspective to get the jab if you’re younger than 50.

What’s more, since your risk of natural infection exponentially decreases over time (as natural herd immunity grows, your chance of infection approximately halves each year), the risks of the COVID shot rapidly outgrow any potential benefit with each passing year.”


Their math, with the estimated VAERS deaths that were REMOVED or reduced.

26,167×41 (Based on the numbers from the Mercola article) = 1,072,847
26,167×100 (Based on Lazarus study numbers, less than 1% report) = 2,616,700 dead.

Do you believe the governments words? or their documents?

If you want to double check the math for yourself, Mercola’s article also gives the following method.


“How to Calculate Excess Mortality

In the video, Kirsch explains how anyone can calculate the number of COVID shot deaths using VAERS data. What we’re looking at here is excess deaths, not background deaths of people who were going to die from a natural cause, such as old age, anyway. In summary, this is done by:

  1. Determining the propensity to report
  2. Determining the number of domestic deaths in the VAERS database
  3. Determining the underreporting factor for serious events
  4. Determining the background death rate, i.e., all deaths reported to VAERS by year
  5. Calculating the number of excess deaths

Lastly, you would validate your findings using independent methods or comparing it to what others have found. Step-by-step instructions and calculations can be found in the document called “Estimating the Number of Vaccine Deaths in America.”



CDC Just Deleted 6,000 Vaccine Deaths. “Suicide Vaccines” are Killing People.

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