54% Of Americans Think Biden’s Open Borders Aimed At Creating Permanent Democrat Majority: Rasmussen


A new poll from Rasmussen finds that 54% of likely voters believe Joe Biden to be “encouraging” illegal aliens to enter the United States in order to “create a permanent majority” for the Democrats, the National Pulse reports.

According to the poll, 43% “strongly agree” that the border crisis is being facilitated for political advantage, while 14% “somewhat agree.” 29% “strongly disagree,” while 8% “somewhat disagree.”

Hispanic voters, despite having leaned Democrat in every general and midterm election since 1980, are actually more likely to believe Biden is exploiting illegal immigration than any other ethnic group. Forty-eight percent strongly agree this is what the Democrat leader is doing, and 20 percent somewhat agree for a combined 68 percent. This compares to 17 percent who strongly disagree and seven percent who somewhat disagree.

A combined 54 percent of white voters agree Biden is trying to create a permanent majority, and a plurality of 47 percent of black voters agree. –National Pulse

Meanwhile 36% of self-identified moderates believe Biden is trying to create a permanent majority, as do 36% of Democrats.

In February, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas claimed that the Biden administration doesn’t bear responsibility for the border crisis, despite, among other things:

  • Terminating the National Emergency at the Southwest border
  • Revoking a Trump-era Executive Order that was designed to ensure there was meaningful enforcement of U.S. immigration laws.
  • Issuing an executive order protecting DACA recipients
  • Unveiling the U.S. Citizenship Act, which would provide amnesty to millions of illegal aliens in the U.S., demonstrating intent to reward illegal border crossers with a path to citizenship.
  • Announcing a 100-day moratorium on deportations and immigration enforcement, effectively providing amnesty to criminal and other removable aliens

(It’s a really long list…)

And since Biden was sworn in as president in January 2021, there have been at least 10 million illegals who have entered the United States, while the government deals with a backlog of more than 3 million asylum cases in US courts.

We’re sure Congressional Republicans will have all sort of nice things to say about immigration when we get to the amnesty phase of the operation.


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