Alex Jones and Stew Peters host the most Controversial Hour of all Time.


Stew Peters joined the Alex Jones Show on Thursday. Peters and Jones’ conversation hit on many enlightening topics, including AI, Q-Anon, and the vax.

Peters and Jones started their conversation by discussing Obama’s “I miss the old days of media” comments. Peters and Jones were both encouraged by the rise of alternative media that is breaking up the fact monopoly that is known as the mainstream media. “The rise of alternative media is something I never thought I would see in my life,” Peters told Jones.

Jones and Peters then started talking about the newly released Durham Report. Both agreed that the Deep State committed treason against the United States and attempted a coup against a sitting president. Peters did not hold back on his criticism of the FBI, telling Jones,” 300 pages prove the FBI is a terrorist network. Congress must defund the FBI” Alex Jones suggested that we should “Put the leadership of the FBI in Gitmo.”

One of the more interesting points of Jones’ and Peters’ conversation came when the two started talking about Q and AI. The conversation started with both agreeing that doctors are primarily controlled by AI, using the failed covid treatment as evidence for what is currently happening in the medical field. Peters told Jones, “Zombies with stethoscopes, they are human, but they are being controlled by AI.”

The conversation then turned to the fact that the AI currently giving doctors instructions does not have humans’ best intentions in mind. Jones told Peters, “We think of a Terminator to come to kill us, no it just kills you quietly,” referring to the fact that AI will hurt humanity in ways humans do not expect.

The two then started discussing Q. Both agreed that some Q drops were AI programmed with Deep State coding. The two agreed that the objective of Q is to make Trump supporters believe they do not need to be politically active. “The whole point of Q was that a savior would save you. Q was a government-run operation. You don’t need to do anything the White Hats got this, don’t be the plan. Trust the plan,” Peters said to Jones.

Jones and Peters said that if everyone stood against wokeness, the Deep State would be in trouble, “If most people were awake and active, the Deep State would be in trouble,” Stew said. This is why Q blasted out “trust the plan” on a daily basis. Jones and Peters also pointed out that right before the election, Google, META, and Twitter’s algorithms were blasting Q content out and suppressing actual content that would help people rally around Trump.

The conversation ended with both agreeing that we are currently in the 4th quarter of a football game, and it’s anyone’s game to win.

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