Attorney Claims CISA Collaborated With Maricopa County To Censor Election Information


One of Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign attorneys, Christina Bobb, highlighted alleged collaboration which occurred between the Maricopa County Recorder, Stephen Richer, and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), a department under the control of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. Bobb was interviewed on The Absolute Truth with Emerald Robinson on Friday.

“That they marked it for official use only shows that they wanted to keep this secret,” Bobb explained.

“CISA is, as you mentioned, under the Department of Homeland Security. If we remember back in 2020, it was Chris Krebs, the Director of CISA, who I actually worked fairly closely with at DHS, he was the one who came out and said ‘This was the most secure election in US history,’ and tried to provide some level of comfort to the American public, saying ‘Oh don’t look closely don’t look closely,’ and yet its the same organization that is partnering with state officials and big tech to change the narrative, to lie to the public,” Bobb said.

The attorney then elaborated and claimed that some of the information contained in the official CISA documents is false.

“A lot of the information that’s just listed in those documents isn’t even accurate. It’s the narrative that they want told, so this is very much about pushing one side and they’re using government officials to do it, which violates the 1st Amendment and it’s potentially criminal conduct if they are actually interfering with the outcome of an election,” Bobb stated.

Bobb highlighted the connection to Stephen Richer in light of a lawsuit filed by Republican Nominee for Governor of Arizona, Kari Lake (R), which challenged November’s highly contentious election results in the Grand Canyon State.

“This popped up as particular interest to Arizona because Stephen Richer, who largely ran the Arizona Election and certainly as you know it’s very contested. Kari Lake is filing her challenge today. So it’s very pertinent to what’s happening in Arizona and the outcome of the Arizona election,” Bobb said.

Elected in 2020, Stephen Richer is the Maricopa County Recorder, based in Phoenix, Arizona.

On March 29th, 2022, a meeting was held between Maricopa’s Stephen Richer and the Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Misinformation & Disinformation (MDM) Subcommittee, which is a part of the CISA Cybersecurity Advisory Committee (CSAC).


“Mr. Richer thanks the subcommittee for their partnership to ensure safe, secure, and reliable elections across the country by fighting current and emerging in misinformation and disinformation threats, and provided an overview of his background. Mr. Richer was elected in November 2020 and is responsible for the recording of election documents, a voter registration database of 2. million registered voters – the second largest county voter database in the nation – and the administration of elections.”



“Subcommittee members discussed challenges of releasing correct information in a landscape of misinformation and disinformation in a timely matter.

  • Ms. Vijaya Gadde, Legal, Public Policy, and Trust and Safety Lead, Twitter, encouraged the elections boards to release credible information which would enable social media companies to redirect misinformation and disinformation claims to accurate information. In the absence of reported factual information, Ms. Gadde explained that social media companies are only able to remove false information without redirecting the public to credible sources.

  • Ms. Gadde shared the effectiveness of pre-bunking on Twitter. She reported a decline in the spread of false information when correct information was shared early and often ahead of an event.

  • Mr. Richer identified the challenge of choosing to act quickly with 95% confidence, or waiting a few days to act with 99 confidence before responding to ensure there is no truth in the perceived falsity and to back up the correct reporting with three additional sources. Ms. Gadde shared that the vast majority of a tweet’s impressions occur within the first 24 hours of posting and cautioned that waiting to correct the information leaves consumers to digest false infromation.”


CISA was briefed by Richer “on current election processes and needs among elections officials and to discuss CISA’s role in the MDM space.”

“Maricopa County’s election is already highly suspect. Now, we have documented proof that the man partially responsible for the records was actively working with a federal agency, CISA, part of DHS, to manipulate the outcome of the election he ran….without disclosing it,” Bobb said on Wednesday.

“This is ongoing. there’s other lawsuits involved in this, we know the Louisiana attorney general Jeff Landry is involved in a case with Missouri against CISA on this exact issue, looking into it as well so we have multiple states looking at this across the board and its particularly concerning because CISA is a federal government [agency] that’s impacting every state in the country so this has very very big ramifications,” she told Robinson.

Bobb also agreed with Robinson’s assertion that Chris Kreb and Chad Wolf are good friends. “I can’t say firsthand, but that’s my belief,” Bobb said of their relationship.

The atorney then raised the topic of the lawsuit filed by Kari Lake on Friday.

“I absolutely have a lot of confidence in this lawsuit. Kari Lake has the law on her side, she has the facts on her side. I think when people see and have time to digest what’s in her lawsuit, people are going to be outraged. My hope for this case is that it’s so explosive that the courts can’t sweep it under the rug,” Bobb stated. “In 2020, we were up against the clock, we didn’t have a lot of time. It was the first time that the teams were really investigating this type of cheating and we kind of ran out of time. We had affidavits, we had evidence but it was very fresh and very new.”

“Well, they have had two years to look into this and there’s information out there. there’s lots of evidence available and we’re going to see it in that lawsuit,” Bobb said.

“I think it will be really hard for the trial courts to sweep it under the rug. I do expect them to try to sweep it under the rug. This is a big issue. Courts are typically skittish. Unfortunately, in Maricopa county a lot of the courts lean left. I hope that they’ll do the right thing anyway,” Bobb said.

“Ultimately, regardless of how it comes out at the trial court level, I do think that this is a case that will probably end up at the Arizona Supreme Court and we’ll see what they do with it. I don’t know how you can possibly look at a state and say it’s appropriate for the federal government to be manipulating the information.”

“Katie Hobbs, the secretary of state who was the Democrat, was also collaborating with Twitter and getting political speech removed. So you have this mechanism where people get to control the levels regardless of party. It doesn’t matter. I don’t know how the AZ supreme Court with any sense of integrity can say yeah that’s okay,” Bobb said. “It’s not okay. It’s not what people want. It’s not what people expect from their leaders and quite frankly, it’s just not fair.”



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