Biden Using Our Tax Dollars To Fly Immigrants Around The U.S.


For several months now, Biden has been been flying illegal aliens secretly into suburban areas across the country. Is this invasion a carefully thought out plot to get more votes for Democratic candidates in the upcoming elections this year? “The government is betraying the American people,” a federal contractor told a West Chester police officer in a conversation.

The majority of these hidden flights originated in Texas, a state that has had it’s problems with illegal immigration. This invasion has completely overwhelmed local communities. These covert flights usually take place in the middle of the night. The fake Biden administration knows exactly what they are doing, trying to hide this criminal act from the American people.

Tucker Carlson obtained a video of a supervisor for the operation speaking with an officer. The federal contractor was caught on police body-cam video saying the quiet part out loud. During the conversation, the police officer asks the federal contractor about the situation. “What is the big secret? Everyone knows it’s happening. You know why,” the supervisor admits, totally unaware he was on camera. He also told the police officer about how they try to stay under the radar with the illegal invasion. He explained to the policeman that they don’t want to attract any attention, especially to the Fake News media. Carlson aired the video on his show Wednesday night, claiming that this is a true attack on democracy. The video serves as evidence for this crime. The worst part of the illegal invasion is, we the taxpayers, are paying for the border debacle.

Someone on tape describes how DHS is quoted as saying they”want this on the low down.” In order words, so the American citizen does not know about this, but they are the ones paying for it, without their consent.

The footage was obtained via a Freedom of Information Act requested by former West Chester County Executive, Rob Astorino. Reports of such flights first surfaced back in October when the New York Post obtained video footage at the airport in White Plains, New York. Astorino said he personally saw the migrants being put on a bus to Costco where they were “then released into cars into the community.”

Employees of MVM, a private security firm, signed a $136 million contract with the corrupt federal government last year to transport migrants around the country, the New York Post reported. Finally, I think a feasible solution to this problem would be to ship these illegals to Delaware. Then load them on a bus and drop them off into Bolshevik Biden’s neighborhood. Be well all and Yahweh bless!

Ed J. Janicki

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