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In This Report:

  • DEVIN NUNES DESTROYS SCHIFF IN Opening Statement – “How Is It Possible for Chairman to Block Questions on a Person He Claims Not to Know?
  • BREAKING: Trump White House Releases Transcript of President Trump’s First Call with Ukrainian President Zelensky
  • DEVASTATING! Rep. Stefanik Gets Democrats’ Top Witness to Admin That Obama Admin Knew Hunter Biden’s Corruption Was a Problem
  • EXCLUSIVE: Millions Went to Bidens and Kerry’s Firm Rosemont from Ukrainians Connected to $1.8 Billion in Missing Funds and Latvians Connected to Whistleblower Ciaramella!
  • MUST WATCH: Devin Nunes Exposes Democrats’ TRUE Motives Behind Impeachment
  • LIGHTS OUT: Watch a Defeat Yovanovitch Admits She Has No Knowledge of President Trump Accepting Bribes or Committing Crimes
  • And much, much more!

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