CNN ‘Lost A F*ckload Of Credibility’ Over COVID Propaganda: Joe Rogan


Joe Rogan says that CNN lost a “fuckload of credibility” spewing propaganda and yellow journalism during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“They changed my filter and turned me yellow on television? They took the original video of me and ran it through a filter to make me look horrible. They did some wild shit! But that wild shit cost them their credibility,” Rogan told guest Russel Brand during a Thursday episode of his podcast.

He then slammed the network over their framing of antiviral drug ivermectin, “calling it horse dewormer when it is a drug that won the Nobel Prize” and which is “on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines.”

“They were calling that horse dewormer to try and mock me because they knew that I was unvaccinated and I kicked COVID very quickly and they did not want that narrative out there,” said Rogan, adding “They were beholden to their handlers. They were beholden to the people that give them exorbitant amounts of money in advertising revenue and they fucking followed in line, and they all piled on and they lost a fuckload of credibility from it,” the Daily Caller reports.

The conversation echoes a 2021 episode when he slammed CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta.

As Rogan aptly notes, CNN is now “just a propaganda network.”


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