Comer Seeks Docs, Interview With White House Physician Who Obviously Lied


White House physician Dr. Kevin O’Connor – who for years has been giving President Biden a clean bill of health despite obvious signs of cognitive and physical decline – has some ‘splainin’ to do.

On Sunday, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer demanded to interview O’Connor, and has suggested that the doctor’s involvement in a Biden family business dealing “may have” influenced his medical assessments of the president – who was found to be too cognitively impaired to prosecute for mishandling classified documents.

Specifically, O’Connor counseled James Biden in connection with alleged work he was performing for Americore Health, LLC – which paid James Biden $200,000 the same day James turned around and wrote Joe a check for $200,000 for an undocumented “loan repayment.”

“Recently, it was reported that you have ‘never recommended that [President] Biden take a cognitive test,” Comer wrote O’Connor. “In February of this year, the Committee conducted a transcribed interview with James Biden. During the interview, James Biden confirmed that you provided him counsel in connection with the alleged work he was performing for Americore.

Comer has requested all documents and communications related to Americore, and wants him to sit for a transcribed interview.

“To understand the extent of your involvement in the Biden family’s financial activity, we request that you produce all documents and communications in your possession regarding Americore and James Biden. Additionally, the Committee requests you make yourself available for a transcribed interview with Committee counsel. Please contact staff by July 14, 2024, to schedule the interview,” reads the letter reported by Just the News.

Perhaps Comer will ask him about that Parkinson’s specialist who visited the White House at least 9 times in the past year.


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