Creepy Martha Stewart Pfizer Commercial Shills For Boosters


Martha Stewart, 81, who rose to fame as a homemaking influencer, is starring in a Pfizer commercial intended to convince people to get Coronavirus booster shots, even as evidence shows the massive number of people “Dying Suddenly” after receiving Coronavirus needle injections.

Stewart, who served time in federal prison for multiple crimes stemming from an insider trading case, took part in a 2011 photo op with Michelle Obama and Jill Biden. Unsurprisingly, Stewart’s Pfizer commercial does not mention the Stew Peters documentary Died Suddenly, which presents evidence of deadly consequences for jabbed people.

Will Americans feel influenced to take a booster into their body simply because Martha Stewart tells them to do so in an advertisement? It is unclear how much clout, exactly, Martha Stewart has. But it is also clear that Pfizer and the Big Pharma Cabal are desperate to influence people to inject themselves, even as worldwide social upheaval turns against the pharmaceutical industry and the globalist controllers who pushed the scamdemic upon the world.

As Big Pharma continues its ad blitz against the people of the world, the Stew Peters Network’s Died Suddenly film continues to rake in millions of viewers while it pulls the mask off of the depopulation agenda at the heart of COVID-19 and its deadly “vaccines.”

In doing so, Died Suddenly has blown through the left-wing censors, as National File reported the week of its release:

 “The film has gone so viral and has so disrupted the Big Pharma narrative, that Facebook’s censors and anti-speech algorithms are working overtime, to stop users from even posting the film in the first place.

In a screenshot obtained by National File, when a Facebook user tried to post a link to the new “Died Suddenly” film, they were censored as soon as they hit the “post” button.

As if they’d swiped a bad credit card, Facebook told the user that their post had been “declined,” and wouldn’t allow it on the website.

Despite the efforts of Big Pharma and Big Tech, the Died Suddenly film was viewed more than 5 million times in the first 24 hours following its release, and the film’s official Rumble stream alone has now been viewed more than 16 million times.



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