Davos: WEF Congratulates Brian Kemp on Failing to Secure Georgia’s Elections


Georgia’s GOP Governor, Brian Kemp, joined the World Economic Forum on stage at Davos, where he was given a figurative pat on the head by one of Klaus Schwab’s top men for his refusal to “give in” to the election integrity movement.

Seated between the Democrat Governor of Illinois, JB Pritzker, and Delaware Senator Chris Coons, a close ally of Joe Biden, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp was one of just two Republicans taking part in the World Economic Forum’s panel on American governance at Davos, along with Florida Rep. Maria Salazar.

When called upon by Børge Brende, the panel’s lead who’s often seen as Klaus Schwab’s second in command and possible successor atop the WEF, Kemp was complimented on his refusal to “give in” to the election integrity movement, after multiple contested races in his home state of Georgia resulted in the “election” of left-wing Democrats, most notably Joe Biden in 2020.

After slamming Republican candidates as “election deniers,” Brende lauded Kemp’s inaction on the documented election fraud and irregularities that marred his home state.

“We know you well,” Brende told Kemp, before remarking that, during America’s recent elections, “a lot of candidates who were ‘election deniers’ were not elected.”

“You came under some pressure [to secure Georgia’s elections] but you didn’t really give in on that did you?” Brende asked.

Kemp responded with a nod, before shifting the conversation to the economy, and claiming that he believes that Democrats will join with Republicans in securing America’s southern border.

He went on to sit silently as Illinois Democrat JB Pritzker blasted the GOP and claimed that Joe Biden has “gotten things done for the United States,” though he did butt in to defend Georgia’s film and entertainment industries.

Watch the whole video HERE

A notorious gathering point for the globalist architects of the “great reset,” the Davos summit is under more scrutiny than ever in 2023, as citizens all over the globe have begun questioning why the unelected, openly fascistic organization has so much influence over their governments.

On-the-ground reports say that there are thousands of military, police, and private security men in Davos for the summit, vastly outnumbering security details of years past.

While early indications said that Klaus Schwab, the founder and head of the World Economic Forum, would be sitting the summit out due to an illness, he eventually took the stage during the summit’s Monday opening, 8 hours late, telling the crowd that he will “master the future.”

Attendance at the summit is reportedly down this year, presumably as a result of mass public disapproval of the WEF.

Notably absent is globalist billionaire George Soros, who’s publicly claimed that he had a “scheduling conflict.”


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