Don Trump Jr. Suggests Tucker Carlson For Vice President


President Donald Trump’s son Don Trump Jr. suggested journalist Tucker Carlson as a possible vice presidential running mate for his father in 2024. Carlson is currently the host of the viral Internet show Tucker on X.

“I’m also confident, one way to make sure this election is as entertaining as possible would be to have Tucker Carlson as our V.P. nominee,” Don Trump Jr. said on his show Triggered.

“Now obviously, Tucker’s a friend, I think he’s brilliant, he’s got incredible ideas, and I think he’d be great. I would endorse that ticket right now. A lot has to happen. I can’t put words into my father’s mouth but if you needed any more reasons, if you need any more reasons, to have Tucker Carlson as V.P., I have a couple of words for you. Imagine the Tucker Carlson-Kamala Harris vice presidential debate,” Don Trump Jr. said.

Would Tucker actually be interested in being Trump’s running mate. Tucker Carlson has criticized Trump in the past. In fact, Tucker was largely responsible for stopping the Trump administration from going to war against Iran at a pivotal point in Trump’s presidency, back when Tucker was on Fox News.

The vice presidency is a mostly ceremonial position that breaks ties in the Senate. Trump has had vice president problems before, considering that Mike Pence betrayed Trump and certified the fraudulent 2020 election instead of playing the “Pence Card” option reported on by NATIONAL FILE. 

Tucker Carlson recently went viral when he strolled in to an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) event with President Trump alongside rocker Kid Rock and UFC president Dana White.

Tucker Carlson, the host of Tucker on X, achieved trending status weeks ago amid news that President Donald Trump would consider Carlson to be his running mate in 2024. Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy said onstage that Carlson should have been moderating the most recent Republican debate alongside Elon Musk and Joe Rogan.

Legendary Washington journalist Tucker Carlson hosted the top-rated Tucker Carlson Tonight show on Fox News before getting fired for being too righteous, giving him the distinction of hosting a show on all three major cable news networks. His current show on X is the highest-rated show of his career, and President Donald Trump would not rule Tucker out for the job of vice president, according to President Trump’s remarks in his radio appearance with Clay Travis and Buck Sexton.

“First of all, I did my first, you could call it counter-programming, but I won’t call it that — but Tucker wanted to do an interview during the first debate. And I think you know … we broke every record in history. I think it hit over 300 million people. But it was for that evening over 207 million, then got to 275 million within a day or two,” President Trump said.

“I like Tucker a lot! I guess I would. I think I’d say I would, because he’s got great common sense. You know, when they say that you guys are conservative, or I’m conservative, it’s not that we’re conservative, it’s that we have common sense,” President Trump said.


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