Durham Goes After Another Clinton Cronie


John Durham filed a new court document that revealed that Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz, concealed crucial information with the prosecution of Michael Sussmann. Sussmann was a former attorney to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. The filing also declared that Horowitz failed to acknowledge that his office is in possession of two cellphones used by former FBI counsel James Baker. The phones may contain information that is important to the Sussmann case, as well as to separate criminal leak investigation of Baker by Durham focused on between 2017 and 2019.

Horowitz first came into public scrutiny back in June 2018 when he issued a report on the FBI’s actions leading up to the 2016 presidential election. Horowitz had written another report on the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation. This document focused on the bureau’s pursuit of a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant on Trump campaign aide Carter Page. This was the fake Russian collusion debacle.

Durham filed on January 25, 2022, in which he discovered issues surrounding the Sussmann upcoming trial for allegedly making a false statement to the FBI’s former counsel James Baker. Durham met with Horowitz and his team on October 7, 2021. Durham requested “any materials, including any documents, records, and information” regarding Sussmann that may have been in possession of the Office of Inspector General (OIG). Sussmann had given the OIG advice in early 2017, in which an OIG employee’s computer was seen publicly in internet traffic and was connecting to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) in a foreign country. It is not apparent at this point what this knowledge was about and what Sussmann knew about this information, or why he would have been interested in the internet activities of OIG employees. The other puzzling thing that is not known is why Sussmann, a private citizen, would have been looking at the OIG shortly after he was pushing damaging rhetoric to Trump to both the FBI and CIA. The OIG told Durham’s team that it had “no other file or documentation relating to this cyber matter.” However, last week, Sussmann’s attorneys informed Durham that there was additional information, including the fact that Sussmann had met with Horowitz in March 2017. He personally passed along knowledge about the OIG employee’s computer VPN usage. This meeting between Horowitz and Sussmann had not been disclosed by Horowitz to Durham during their previous meetings.

It is not known why Horowitz would have taken a personal meeting with Sussmann. Similarly, it is also not apparent why Horowitz chose not to tell Durham of the meeting, since it pertained directly to information that Horowitz’s office had been requested to relay to Durham‘s special counsel probe. Sussmann’s attorneys explained to Durham that the VPN data had come from Rodney Joffe, a computer expert with close connections to the corrupt FBI. This witness was not disclosed by Horowitz to Durham. Joffe may be crucial in the case against Sussmann and to a wider investigation into the origins of the Russian collusion fraud. Sussmann falsified data about contacts between the Trump Organization and Russia’s Alfa Bank. Those false allegations were utilized by Hillary Clinton and her campaign to push propaganda that Trump was compromised by the Kremlin. Durham stated in a previous filing that Joffe’s goal was to support an “inference” and “narrative” regarding Trump that would please certain “VIPs.” A subsequent filing by Durham noted that the VIPs were “individuals at the defendant’s (Sussmann’s) law firm and the Clinton campaign.” Joffe had supposedly been offered a high-ranking position in the Clinton administration.

The omission of information by Horowitz did not conclude with his meeting with Sussmann, along with knowledge on Joffe. Durham’s office has since stated that the OIG “currently possesses two FBI cellphones” that belonged to Baker (former FBI counselor). The phones did not appear to come from Horowitz or his office. Sussmann is alleged to have lied to Baker when he tried to push incriminating data about Trump and Alfa Bank to the FBI, which later turned out to be false. Therefore, Baker and his cellphones are critical in the case against Sussmann.

Baker had been the subject of a criminal leak investigation “for unauthorized disclosures to the media” that was being conducted by Durham when he was a U.S. attorney for the District of Connecticut. During this examination, Durham or a member of his team questioned Baker’s credibility. This memo is being pursued by Sussmann’s attorneys. Although it is not known for sure, it is believed that the Baker investigation was closed without any charges.

Horowitz was in charge of a chain of influential investigations into events leading up to and following the 2016 presidential election. He examined the fraudulent FBI’s examination of Clinton’s private email server, as well as the FBI’s probe of the Trump campaign, alleged Russian collusion, and the resulting Carter Page’s abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The Clinton email inquiry review resulted in a 2018 OIG report that outlined a number of failures on the part of the FBI. The OIG report also made recommendations such as improving the FBI’s media contract policy and clarifying guidelines on making public statements. Certain critical issues, however, such as the fact that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was supervising the investigation while his wife was running for a Virginia state senate seat. She had received a large amount of campaign money from Clinton ally Terry McAuliffe. Naturally, this was ignored by Horowitz.

Horowitz’s 2018 review was followed by a more thorough probe that resulted in the Carter Page FISA review report in 2019. This report detailed a list of failures by the FBI and “at least 17 significant errors or omissions in the Page FISA applications.” The report ended that there were valid reasons for opening the Crossfire Hurricane into the Trump campaign and Russian collusion. Immediately following the release of the OIG report in 2019, Attorney General William Barr and John Durham, the U.S. attorney who Barr appointed to run a parallel criminal investigation into the origin of the FBI’s probe, issued statements disputing Horowitz’s conclusion regarding the opening of Crossfire Hurricane. Durham, who was later appointed special counsel by Barr, noted that, unlike the OIG, his investigation wasn’t limited to “developing information from within component parts of the Justice Department and included information from other persons, and entities, both in the U.S. and outside of the U.S.” Durham stated that he did not agree with some of the report’s conclusions.

The issue of whether the FBI’s Trump-Russia probe was properly predicted is crucial. Did the corrupt FBI open the investigation based on false pretenses?  This would be evidence that the FBI’s leadership had interfered in a presidential campaign. However, if the investigation was legitimately opened, then they would be cleared of any wrongdoing. Horowitz could have left his conclusion on the FBI’s opening of its investigation out of his report, because of his limited investigative powers. Horowitz’s conclusion was all the more surprising, given the incriminating information contained in his 2019 report. It cited material failures of the FBI, including “not only the operational team, but also of the managers and supervisors, including senior officials, in the chain of command.” This also referred to the FISA warrant application on Carter Page. Horowitz’s findings were so significant that he recommended the entire chain of command in the FBI should consider how to address their performance failures. During congressional testimony, Horowitz also directly contradicted assertions regarding his own report’s conclusion of FBI acquittal. It is unclear what the FBI’s motives were. Was it gross incompetence or negligence? Horowitz claimed he was not in a position to make that conclusion.

The new disclosure of Horowitz’s failure to cooperate with Durham might raise new questions about the conclusions the Inspector General drew in his reviews of the Clinton email probe, the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane inquiry, and the Carter Page FISA warrant applications. Both of the Horowitz reports from 2018 and 2019 found profound errors on the part of the FBI. His reports, however, stopped short of declaring wrongdoing that would have invalidated the FBI investigations, despite overwhelming evidence. With all the errors and misdoings, only one individual was ultimately charged, receiving only probation. Even though the evidence was fabricated, they allowed the Carter Page FISA to go through.

In 2019, the report sharply criticized the FBI, but found no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion. To this day, there has been no resolution of Horowitz’s questionable findings. The FBI’s investigation also targeted Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, as well as Carter Page. A few days later, the probe added retired General Michael Flynn to its lists of targets. Flynn was an advisor to the Trump campaign. It has long been suspected that the Trump-Russia probe had been underway for some time before it was officially opened on July 31, 2016. The FBI had opened a counterintelligence investigation into Carter Page months earlier, on April 6, 2016, immediately after his appointment to the Trump team was announced.

Based on limited information from Durham’s latest filing, it is not yet clear what connection, if any, exists between Horowitz’s early contact with Sussmann, and his subsequent findings on the Clinton email probe.

The indictments by Durham, to say the least, have been extremely lethargic. I initially thought that this would have a domino effect, in bringing the Clinton Cartel to justice. The FBI has become the new terrorist organization in the U.S. I have had enough of the deceit, false-flag operations, and entrapment of Christians and patriots by these corrupt federal agencies. Nevertheless, it seems like Durham is determined to expose the “dark cloud” around the Clinton crime family. May Yahweh bless and keep well!


Written By: Ed J. Janicki


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