EXTREME ACCOUNTABILITY: Stew Peters Calls for Nuremberg 2 Tribunals in Powerful Speech


Stew Peters brought the house down with a powerful victory speech at the American Liberty Awards, calling for “extreme accountability” and “Nuremberg 2” tribunals for those behind the bioweapon genocide of Covid and its “vaccines” that have killed millions of people all over the world.

Died Suddenly, the ground-breaking film produced by the Stew Peters Network exposing the genocidal agenda at the heart of Covid and its “vaccine” roll-out, won the title of “Most Truthful Movie” at the American Liberty Awards, which were held over the weekend in Austin, Texas. In a fiery victory speech, which prompted massive applause and chants of “U-S-A” from audience members, Peters fired a warning shot to the mass-murdering globalists responsible for the bioweapon-induced carnage, calling for them to face “maximum” and “extreme” accountability akin to the post-World War 2 Nuremberg Trials.

Thanks to Died Suddenly, which has been viewed over 100 million times, people are “waking up” daily, Peters told the crowd, and they’re deciding that “I’m not going to let this fake government, murderous corporate crime syndicate inject me or my kids with one more needle ever again.”

“The next stop is not another move,” Peters added. “The next stop is not another award and cheering and drinking at a bar…The next stop is NUREMBERG 2!” said Peters, prompting the crowd to go completely wild.

“When the people who did this are tried before a military tribunal and they are found guilty of the crimes against humanity that they have perpetuated on the people that I love and care about, my brothers and sisters in Christ, we will make sure that upon a guilty verdict, they are facing EXTREME accountability, MAXIMUM accountability,” said Peters.

“That’s what Died Suddenly represents, we’ll fight for all those people until it happens, it’s going to happen forthwith. Do not doubt it, believe it 100%. Judgment is coming for these people.”

Watch Stew Peters’ Full Speech Below: 



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