Former Miss USA Executive Accused Of “Multiple” Incidents Of Sexual Misconduct


The Miss USA pageant appears to be in complete shambles.

Not only is Miss USA vice president Max Sebrechts is being accused of “multiple” incidents of sexual misconduct, but the pageant is also in the midst of being accused of being rigged, an allegation that the Miss USA organization has denied.

Sebrechts is the husband of the national director of Miss USA and Miss Teen USA, Crystle Stewart. According to reporting by the New York Post, he allegedly “sent sexually explicit messages to multiple contestants”. The Post obtained photographs and video of Sebrechts stating he was looking for a “no strings attached” relationship.

The Miss USA pageant said it was “made aware of the allegations against Max Sebrechts regarding his behavior towards 2021 Miss USA contestants” back in December of last year. Since then, Sebrechts was removed from his position.

“Upon learning this, Miss Universe Organization conducted a review, which resulted in Max being completely removed from any affiliation with the Miss USA organization in January 2022,” a representative told The New York Post. 

Sebrechts also reportedly had an affair in 2018 which the organization became aware of: “Five months after he had been removed, in June 2022, Miss Universe Organization was made aware that Max had an extramarital relationship in 2018, in which graphic text messages and images were exchanged, two years before his wife, Crystle Stewart, was awarded the Miss USA license.”

“At least four” women were on the receiving end of advances from Sebrechts, the report says.

In one email to a woman, he wrote: “I’ve always wanted to at least tell you that I felt deeply attracted to you despite of my personal situation.” He continued:  “Maybe we could try [something] but def with no strings attached … And of course this is all between us, ok?”

He also wrote to the same woman: “I was terribly attracted to your looks of course. Those tights you were wearing looked awfully sexy on your tight body. I’m at the office right now I’ll send you a pic tonight. Unless I run to the restroom, the thought of imagining you in those tights without underwear has quite an effect on me.”

In at least one instance, he accompanied his email with a photograph:

His advances prompted contestants to send complaints to Paula Shugart, the president of the Miss Universe Organization, the report says.

The pageant has denied that it took too long to act, stating: “Ms. Shugart was made aware of the allegations in December 2021 and upon learning of them, made the decision to insist on the removal of Mr. Sebrechts from Miss Brand. Paula did act on the accusations, insisting on the removal of Max from Miss Brand and any affiliation with Miss USA.”

But Miss Wyoming Mackenzie Kern claimed that when women complained to Shugart, they were “ignored”.

“It’s no surprise that this was swept under the carpet,” one insider to The Post. You can read all of Sebrecht’s allegedly inappropriate texts and emails here.


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