Hidden His-Story of Man & Deep State: Act 13 – The Sin War Part 3


You know about the Seed War between them and humanity (Genesis 3:15, Seed of the Serpent v Seed of the woman)

They hate you, They sacrifice and eat Christian babies for holidays. They’ve been evicted from hundreds of nations by the courts/governments for doing so. They feed us our own children as flavor enhancers like Senomyx and liquidate the vaccine victims and spray them on our food crops. They run the child-trafficking, porn, Hollyweird, Children’s entertainment, Music, Political industries as well as the deep state itself through the secret society Satanic covens, disproportionately represented in the halls of power as tyrants, where recently they were guests.

People refuse to believe. So now we are going to show you what they do to the goyim when they have power. Prepare to never eat again and cry until you’re dry.

Many know “The Lord” is not in original scriptures, it is Baal’s title (A Nephilim who built the tower of Babel aka Nimrod the Idiot) replacing God’s true name, YHWH – Which is numerically writ on your human DNA unless you’ve been vaccinated.

Few realize “Jew” was likewise not a word in original scriptures, it is a deception – imposter Hebrews.

They changed scripture and establishment science in order to prepare the world for the final takeover.

Alien bodysnatcher movies got it close enough. Nephilim Demons live amongst us in the flesh, and they know only hate for the Children of Adam – the Seed of the Woman (mankind) whom they call Goyim.. They write that there can never be peace until they rule all of God’s creation, that they are destroyers.

Read their own Talmudic references to goy as animals. Raping goy children is fine, in fact – their Talmud is the opposite of the Bible, and undoes all 10 commandments and profanes the name of Christ Jesus (Yeshuah in Hebrew) as someone who f***ed his donkey and boils in semen in hell. They do not follow the Torah, they admit all of this in their own writings. Including the sacrifice of Christian children.

Canaanite Nephilim pretending to uphold God’s law, perverting everything Christ out of it. Ignoring prophecies of Moses in Torah Such as Skipping Isaiah 53 in their own teachings, because it reflects Christ. And cursing anyone who calculates the actual dates of the Daniel 9 prophecy confirming it was already completed and dispensationalism is Freemasonic satanic injected doctrine.

*They* poisoned 30% of Christendom in the Black Death by poisoning Christian wells, Talmudic strongholds were untouched, Many confessed.
IT was not a virus.

Sound familiar? They are doing it again now.

Satanic Nephilim Talmudists are behind virtually every affront to God’s law, and human decency that threatens humanity right now. They are the Deep State Dukes of Edom.

Their plan to bring world chaos to boil by waging the Sin War (the true Culture War), to destabilize sovereign nations then introduce the globalist controlled opposition counterpunch, ”conservative” Noachide laws – which aren’t conservative, have nothing to do with Noah, and are Satanic and outlaw Christ as idolatry on pain of beheading.

You’ve been warned…

The War of Gog and Magog is upon us.

(Some hints as to what those words mean… a secret enemy coming up from within.)


*Graphic, Horrifying Evil, Not For The Weak*
*SOME foul language/Graphic Content in this series*

Youtuber: Nick Jones
The X Files
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