Joe Rogan Slams ‘Rolling Stone’ Founder Jann Wenner Over Internet Regulation & FDA


Comedian and podcast host Joe Rogan recently lambasted Jann Wenner, the founder of Rolling Stone, over his assertion that the government should regulate the internet.

“You want the government to regulate the internet?” Rogan asked.

“Absolutely,” Wenner replied. “You trust the people who got us into the Iraq War under false pretenses to regulate the internet? Do you think that makes any sense?” Rogan responded.

“Well wait a minute, I would not-the people that got us into the Iraq War-,” Wenner said.

“It’s the government,” Rogan shot back. “[It] was the, no no. Was the politicians [sic],” Wenner stated. “It’s the government,” Rogan reiterated.

“In the end, yes It’s the government,” the Rolling Stone founder admitted. “But who else is going to regulate Joe?” he added.

“But if they’re going to be in power and regulate the internet, they’re going to regulate it in a way that suits their best interests,” Rogan replied. “The same way they do in the banking industry, the same way they do with the environment, the same they do with energy, the same way they do with everything. What represents their interests? You’re talking about so much money involved in disseminating information [in] a very very particular way.”

“The richest companies in the world right now are the internet companies. [They’re] are rich beyond belief,” Wenner said.

Rogan asserted that although the internet as a technology is a “disruptive thing,” the country needs a truth-respecting ethic as the United States moves forward.

“Yeah, but it’s a disruptive thing that has never existed before. I think it exists and I think where we’re at is where we’re at. I think we need to move forward collectively as a country with an ethic that respects truth and that appreciates opinions and reality and an understanding of things. That’s not necessarily possible with corporate interests involved in dissemination of information,” Rogan stated.

“But there’s no way to do that except through the government,. Excuse me, there’s no way you can do that except through the government,” the Rolling Stone founder reiterated.

“Why is that?” Rogan replied.

“Human nature is not going to change,” Wenner said.

“The government’s not going to change,” Rogan replied.

“But the government is capable of change,” Wenner said. “For example, the government regulates the food supply.”

Rogan wasted no time in making his move in the verbal judo match. “Why have they let glyphosate [infest] all of our foods?” Rogan asked.

“Let’s take, let’s one thing at a time [sic],” Wenner mumbled.

Rogan pointed out that glyphosate, an herbicide in the food of Americans, was a problem. Wenner agreed, though he opted to change the subject.

The founder of Rolling Stone, an outlet whose reputation has been forever tarnished by its now-known liberal bias, pivoted and attempted to support the argument for government regulation by using the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as an example.

“Again, don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Let’s take the SEC or the Food and Drug Administration, which regulates Big Pharma. On the one hand we’ve had a very safe supply of drugs in the country, you know,” Wenner alleged.

“Safe?” Rogan asked.

“The drugs are tested, you know. You don’t get too many bad drugs, you know, prescribed drugs, out on the market,” Wenner alleged.

“25% of all drugs approved by the FDA get recalled,” Rogan responded flatly.


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