Let Iron Sharpen Iron: Ultra Debate Challenge – Undefeated Jesus/Flat Debate Heavyweight


Let Iron Sharpen Iron: Ultra Debate Challenge.

Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.
~Proverbs 27:17

“Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ”
~2 Corinthians 10:5

9 For we are labourers together with God: ye are God’s husbandry, ye are God’s building.

10 According to the grace of God which is given unto me, as a wise masterbuilder, I have laid the foundation, and another buildeth thereon. But let every man take heed how he buildeth thereupon.

11 For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

12 Now if any man build upon this foundation gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, stubble;

13 Every man’s work shall be made manifest: for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall try every man’s work of what sort it is.

1 Corinthians 3:9-15

Where is the wise man? Where is the scribe? Where is the debater of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?

1 Corinthians 1:20

[13] For what man can learn the counsel of God?
Or who can discern what the Lord wills?
[14] For the reasoning of mortals is worthless,
and our designs are likely to fail,
[15] for a perishable body weighs down the soul,
and this earthy tent burdens the thoughtful mind.
[16] We can hardly guess at what is on earth,
and what is at hand we find with labor;
but who has traced out what is in the heavens?
[17] Who has learned thy counsel, unless thou hast given wisdom
and sent thy holy Spirit from on high?
[18] And thus the paths of those on earth were set right,
and men were taught what pleases thee,
and were saved by wisdom.”

~Wisdom of Solomon, 9:13-18


Ben Shapiro, Alex Jones, Adam Green, Clif High, Jordan Peterson, Jordan Sather, FTFE, McToon, Daniel Kristos, Juan o Savin (Wayne Willott), William Albrecht (Mariolatry) and all the other NEVERJEW GATEKEEPER MEDIA are terrified to debate me, nobody. Why? I’m running out of challengers…despite my open debate challenge. All glory to YHWH.

Hello, I am Dustin Nemos, aka. The Archivist. I’ve known what it was like to walk into Babylon and speak bold truths, Like Moses Did in Egypt. To Flee from Sin and Babylon like Noah, in his time. To wallow in Sin like Solomon, and to Overcome it, like Enoch. I was blessed with great knowledge, like Daniel. and felt its heavy burden – like Elijah. I’ve given up everything to pick up my cross and bear it, In Jesus precious name. I carry on for my people perish for lack of knowledge. We are not the men our forefathers were, but there are wars to be fought, deeds to be done, and glory unto eternity for those who overcome to the end. May YHWH see me home.

Once upon a time, I helped start a revolution called The Great Awakening. It was hijacked by “Patriots in Control”, but that’s a story for another time…Or perhaps relevant to this very article.

You see, we are what the Rulers of Darkness fear most among mortal men, as a Parrhresiastes Polymath, Autodidact. (fancy for Persecuted Multitopic Selftaught Expert) I can walk you through human history, from Creation to Covid (And Beyond), I have connected Most of the puzzle, and I do not pretend to know it all. But I have been given to know much – and I have suffered much for it. My career was destroyed, my wealth destroyed, my name smeared by the Fake News puppets of The Enemy. But what did not happen, is I was never debunked. Only deplatformed.

Ok, so. To the extent that I sometimes boast that I am willing to debate my positions with any public influencer, here are the details!

If you have an audience of at least 10,000 verifiable subscribers on any major platform and would like to engage in polite moderated debate on any of the following topics. Please let me know! I am versatile about adding topics in..

Happy to play Mr. Contrarian, generally speaking.

So, in the spirit of intellectual honesty and rigorous debate and testing all things….

Let Iron Sharpen Iron!

Any Patriots? Let’s Debate!

Patriots are NOT In Control

Any Theologians? I am happy to debate these controversial positions:

Gods Law Still Applies To Christians

PreTribulation Rapture Is a Lie

Jews are Not Gods Chosen People, nor are they even Hebrew. (Jesus, Abraham, etc, were Hebrew, Not Jews)

Dustin Nemos VS Dr. Dmitry Radyshevsky – “God’s Chosen People Or The Seed Of The Serpent?” A DEBATE

Alex Jones Continues to Badmouth me but not Debate me.

Alex Jones – Terrified of Dustin Nemos

Dual Seedline – Seedwar Doctrine – (Cain v Nephilim Gen 6 Seedline Theories)

Uncensored Church: Pastor Eli James & Dustin Nemos: The Seed of the Serpent


Which God is The Real One?

The Catholic Church Is Pagan, and So is 99% of other modern Christian Denominations

All world religions stem from antibiblical narratives of Genesis 6 Demigod Hybrids (Fallen angels)

Any Atheists? Let’s Debate!

God’s Not Dead, At least not the real One

God’s Not Dead: Primordial Truth: YHWH (God) & Jesus ARE Real: Insurmountable Evidence Marathon (Debate Series)

Christianity: Primordial Truth or Jewish Mysticism 

Debate: DEBATISM Ep3 | Adam Green vs Dustin Nemos | Christianity… Truth or Jewish Mysticism? LIVE 10/3/23

Backup Link1: DEBATISM Ep3 | Adam Green vs Dustin Nemos | Christianity… Truth or Jewish Mysticism?
Backup Link2: DEBATISM Ep3 | Adam Green vs Dustin Nemos | Christianity… Truth or Jewish Mysticism?

Adam Green Challenges Christians to A New Debate – Anyone EXCEPT DUSTIN NEMOS!

Adam Green @KnowMoreNews is Terrified of Debating Dustin Nemos Again. Issues Challenge, Backs Down

Green Terrified of Nemos

Baalbusters Quasi Debate/Discussion Invited me to discuss/debate bible and related topics, then triggers out and kicks me off when I offer evidence for the Bible…kindly. I am listing this here because it shows how these debates always go… they get angry when they claim there’s no evidence for God but find out there is.

See my response for a summary. Or my archived version of the upload below which includes a funny snippet from the interview to show how it started and how it ended before the actual full interview.

My private Response:

Baalbusters Triggered

My public response:


John Brisson & Dustin Nemos: Why Even Do This? Where has Logic Gone? – Our link, with summary intro (Don’t miss this 2 minute excerpt-intro)

John Brisson & Dustin Nemos: Why Even Do This? Where has Logic Gone? – Main Link


Christianity: Was Jesus Real?


Jeffrey “Deceiver” Daugherty Debunked: Genesis 6 DOES Mean Fallen Angels

Jeffrey Daugherty Debunked: Jesus NOT Copied from Pagan God. Prophecy Proves Scripture!

The Real Israelites – Jews or Europeans?DEBATISM Ep 7 | Jeffrey Daugherty vs. Dustin Nemos | Christian Identity: Fact or Fancy?


Catholicism & Mariolatry:
My Recent Debate and the Disappearing Comments….Who Really Won? (See Desc!)

https://youtu.be/J4M2IA3wuAw?si=SwquwgWkslZlXMLq leave comments if you think I won and why! Articulated reasoned comments are worth much more

I’ll be the first to admit I am not going to win a Greek argument with a Greek scholar on Greek… however, I stand by greater scholars who chose the English words they did for a reason and were martyred for it such as Tyndale a master of 7 languages.

However, I also think I did quite well on the major two topics being debated – scarlet whore of Babylon and mariolatry (sinlessness included) and the bonus topic : lawkeeping. (As we discussed doctrine)

And I remain unconvinced by most of his counter arguments despite his confidence in claiming victory every step of the way. Frankly his arguments aren’t very strong but he says them with passion.

I will say this was my favorite debate so far because it was so long and particularly challenging with etymology.

But I claim victory, 100%, for the following reasons.

1. A near perfect match between scripture and the description of the whore of Babylon and historic facts of the Catholic Church,despite his attempted preterist twisting of scripture.

2. Also, mariolatry exposed if not fully explored – we fully proved she wa neither sinless nor virginal nor queen in or of heaven and we touched briefly on isis – the truth behind the mother Mary mask: there is a lot more to unpack and frankly I should have spent more time on this: he was actively attempting to run out the clock on my cross examination time to keep me from talking too much.. I did have to ask for moderator to intercede at one point.

3. On lawkeeping and false doctrines – as my article says – Catholics “caint reed gud” and if they did read the Bible they’d know they follow many anti biblical doctrines. And while most Protestants and Catholics agree on this deception – I stand by gods word and spanked him or all to see, I even got to use my circular logic meme…

He’s further accepted a debate on Nephilim and on biblical earth.

William v Dustin Nemos on Nephilim – He Backed Out

William v Dustin Nemos on Biblical Earth – He Backed Out

Update: He’s Chicken. Angry too He’s now refused to debate and moved into insults and avoidance So I made this recap video including evidence he had previously agreed to the debate he is now avoiding and triggered over. And told him about it.

I’ll point out the irony in him telling me to “pick up a book” in this thread, while he uses a fake background of a bookshelf. Mine, however – is real. Great reads. He also censors comments and insults constantly while claiming victory.

Catholicism Debates UNCENSORED.CHURCH – The Triggering of William Albrecht

How it ended:

William Albrect Debate – Catholicism – How it Ended
William Albrecht Debate – Agreements for Debate #2-3

Any Scientists? Let’s Debate!

Globe Earth is a Lie, Biblical Earth is Truth

Biblical Earther Wrecks Globe Earther


DEBATE: FTFE & Ozien Vs Ross Perry of Real Offended & Dustin Nemos | Podcast

Backup: Moon Landing Debate: Dustin Nemos & Ross Perry of Real Offended vs FTFE & Ozien

FTFE Now claims I am “afraid” to debate him (ignoring that I’ve already debated him once) and a lot of other cringe things, see here: Lies, Cringe, and Loss

Update: He finally got around to actually showing to this debate #2…

It went about as you’d expect it..

HEATED Flat Earth Debate Goes Sideways!!! WTF!? YOU DECIDE!

“Craig is a obviously a lunatic, clearly Cabal schooled (indoctrinated) to believe what the cabal wants someone close minded and without God to believe. Dustin is calm, clear and brings receipts without being nasty and rude. Seriously, Nino, Nino, Nino…”

~EclecticDawn, Nino’s Comments

Mirrored Copy: HEATED Flat Earth Debate Goes Sideways!!! WTF!? YOU DECIDE!

Recap: The TRIGGERING of FTFE’s Craig – The “Dunning Craig” Effect Link 2 Link 3 Link 4


Just watched your debate. Amazing the hypocrisy he can repeatedly accuse of publicly of being a liar because you don’t agree with him but when you ask him a question, without accusation, he comes totally unglued. He lost all credibility in respect to character, and he lost the argument as well because he was unwilling to see the graphic representation of the mathematics that he demanded. Mathematics is a peculiar language, closed off to the few who have a penchant toward abstractions attempting to measure and categorize reality. Their language does not translate into the common understanding of the population at large. Your graphics are coherent and even the simplistic can grasp your concepts. Mr. MC ______ whatever his name is arguments fail to motivate a change in the paradigm

McToon Debate Recap: McToon LOSES IT: Lies, Makes Stuff Up, THEN RAGEQUITS! (AUDIO FIXED)

Original McToon Debate: DEBATE Dustin Nemos Vs MCToon | Flat Vs Globe | Podcast

Backup Debate: DEBATE Dustin Nemos Vs MCToon | Flat Vs Globe

Summary Infographics for McToon Debate: One Two Three Four

McToon Destroyed


A Friendly Debate Challenge to Jordan Sather – Geocentricity is Reality

William Finck Christogenea Debate Challenge

Evolution is a Lie

The World is Roughly 6000 Years Old

Any Historians? Let’s Debate!

The Holocaust NEVER happened.

The Bible is The Most Accurate History Book Ever

Aliens? Let’s Debate!

Clif High Mocks God’s Word & Dustin Nemos – Gets Wrecked as Hypocritical Liar

(Audio Fixed) Clif High Mocks God’s Word & Dustin Nemos – Gets Wrecked as Hypocritical Liar

Clif High Fears Debate

Note: A Friendly Debate Challenge to Jordan Sather – Geocentricity is Reality

Jordan Sather

They are actually fallen angels, and love to destroy us and pervert our DNA and souls to damn us.


I cut my teeth here as a teenager, let’s Debate!

Statism never works out and Capitalism is better. Capitalism without government even better, and Capitalism without government in a Christian culture is the best and freest and most prosperous opportunity for everyone and raises the standard of living for the poor the most.


In Case You Missed It:

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Primordial Truth: Mapping the Rabbit Holes – Know Everything!

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