Let Iron Sharpen Iron: Ultra Debate Challenge


Let Iron Sharpen Iron: Ultra Debate Challenge.

Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.
~Proverbs 27:17


Hello, I am Dustin Nemos, aka. The Archivist. I’ve known what it was like to walk into Babylon and speak bold truths, Like Moses Did in Egypt. To Flee from Sin and Babylon like Noah, in his time. To wallow in Sin like Solomon, and to Overcome it, like Enoch. I was blessed with great knowledge, like Daniel. and felt its heavy burden – like Elijah. I’ve given up everything to pick up my cross and bear it, In Jesus precious name. I carry on for my people perish for lack of knowledge. We are not the men our forefathers were, but there are wars to be fought, deeds to be done, and glory unto eternity for those who overcome to the end. May YHWH see me home.

Once upon a time, I helped start a revolution called The Great Awakening. It was hijacked by “Patriots in Control”, but that’s a story for another time…Or perhaps relevant to this very article.

You see, I am what the Rulers of Darkness fear most among mortal men, a Parrhresiastes Polymath, Autodidact. I can walk you through human history, from Creation to Covid (And Beyond), I have connected Most of the puzzle, and I do not pretend to know it all. But I have been given to know much – and I have suffered much for it. My career was destroyed, my wealth destroyed, my name smeared by the Fake News puppets of The Enemy. But what did not happen, is I was never debunked. Only deplatformed.

Ok, so. To the extent that I sometimes boast that I am willing to debate my positions with any public influencer, here are the details!

If you have an audience of at least 10,000 verifiable subscribers on any major platform and would like to engage in polite debate on any of the following topics. Please let me know!

Happy to play Mr. Contrarian, generally speaking.

So, in the spirit of intellectual honesty and rigorous debate and testing all things….

Let Iron Sharpen Iron!

Any Patriots? Let’s Debate!

Patriots are NOT In Control

Any Theologians? I am happy to debate these controversial positions:

Gods Law Still Applies To Christians.
PreTribulation Rapture Is a Lie
Jews are Not Gods Chosen People, nor are they even Hebrew. (Jesus, Abraham, etc, were Hebrew, Not Jews)

Dustin Nemos VS Dr. Dmitry Radyshevsky – “God’s Chosen People Or The Seed Of The Serpent?” A DEBATE
Which God is The Real One?
The Catholic Church Is Pagan, and So is 99% of other modern Christian Denominations
All world religions stem from antibiblical narratives of Genesis 6 Demigod Hybrids (Fallen angels)

Any Atheists? Let’s Debate!

God’s Not Dead, At least not the real One

Any Scientists? Let’s Debate!

Globe Earth is a Lie, Biblical Earth is Truth

Biblical Earther Wrecks Globe Earther
Evolution is a Lie
The World is Roughly 6000 Years Old

Any Historians? Let’s Debate!

The Holocaust never happened.
The Bible is Legit History

Aliens? Let’s Debate!

They are actually fallen angels, and love to destroy us and pervert our DNA and souls to damn us.


I cut my teeth here as a teenager, let’s Debate!

Statism never works out and Capitalism is better. Capitalism without government even better, and Capitalism without government in a Christian culture is the best and freest and most prosperous opportunity for everyone and raises the standard of living for the poor the most.


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