Mentor Of Jeffrey Epstein Found Dead In Connecticut Apartment


Steven Hoffenberg, known mentor to Jeffrey Epstein and a convicted Ponzi schemer, was found dead in an apartment in Derby, Connecticut on Friday morning.  Police could not identify the body initially due to extreme decomposition over the course of at least seven days.  The cause of death has not been released but autopsy reports indicate no signs of trauma.

A private investigator for a woman who identified herself as a sexual assault victim of Epstein’s called police and requested a welfare check at the multifamily home on Tuesday, she had not heard from Hoffenberg for five days and that was unusual, police said.

It should be noted that this suggests that Hoffenberg was in fact in contact with one of Epstein’s alleged victims for an extended period of time leading up to his death.

Hoffenberg was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 1997 for his involvement in a financial scam that swindled thousands of investors out of $460 million, though Hoffenberg maintained that Epstein was the actual architect of the plan.  Epstein was never charged.

While it is likely that Hoffenberg’s death will be connected to “natural causes” associated with his older age (77), it is yet another strange footnote in the saga of the highly politically connected Jeffrey Epstein and his “Lolita Express.”  The infamous plane ride which whisked numerous political leaders off to Epstein’s island of Little Saint James, where some of them would allegedly participate in sex with underage prostitutes and exploited minors in exchange for money and favors.

The Department of Justice has apparently been in possession of Epstein’s client list for some time.  The demands have been growing for the release of this list ever since his “suicide” in jail, after Epstein told prison officials for weeks that he would never try to kill himself.

Close Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell, who was recently convicted in December of helping Epstein groom teenage girls for prostitution, is in a position to confirm client details of any list that might be in the DOJ’s hands.  For now, Epstein’s client list remains unconfirmed.  Given the numerous political elites that visited his island over the decades, it might stay that way.


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