Moon Landing Debate: Dustin Nemos & Ross Perry of Real Offended vs FTFE & Ozien


In this debate:

The moon landing, a topic of endless fascination and debate, has sparked a heated discussion between Dustin Nemos and Ross Perry, who argue that the event was a hoax, and FTFE and Ozien, who stand by the official NASA narrative.

Nemos and Perry question the authenticity of the photographs, the feasibility of the technology at the time, and the absence of stars in the images. On the other hand, FTFE and Ozien counter these claims by presenting evidence of extensive preparations, advancements in technology, and the absence of stars being due to the camera’s exposure settings.

Despite the passionate arguments presented by both sides, the truth surrounding the moon landing remains an enigma, inviting further exploration and contemplation.

Source: Modern Day Debate



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