QAnon Approved “Read-In” Media White Hats-SH/SC/JS !!!


The term “read-in” can mean the process of being read into a compartmented program or plan. The entire QAnon operation has been a systemically arranged informational dissemination program.

Post Q# 2626 12/19/18 (in part):
”I have pretty good sources…”-SH.
There is a reason why SH, SC, and JS are on stage.

We all firmly believe that the core of team of QAnon is US Military Intelligence. Due to the scope and complexity of this op, a few “read-in helpers” may have been included.

Post Q# 283 on 12/6/17 (in part):
Why are Sara and John getting all the ‘real’ scoops?

I throw out Eric Prince/Blackwater as another prime example but that’s for another story. QAnon obliviously has selected Sean/Sara/and John to receive periodic special information.

Post Q# 1973 on 8/24/18 (in part):
Are you watching Hannity?

This extra special relationship between these 3 media figures began in the Fall of 2017. Sean Hannity had Sara and John on to break the secret Uranium One (U1) FBI informant story of William Campbell.

Post Q# 1934 on 8/27/18 (in part):
Who is systemically arranging the leaks to select individuals?

Of odd coincidence was the start of the public QAnon drops during this same Fall 2017 time period. I maintain that SH/SC/JS started to get the Q-drops first and then everyone else via 4Chan.

Post Q# 2121 on 9/9/18 (in part):
New shill attack to smear Sean Hannity.
Hannity is a Patriot.
Note: Anon post-confirmed by QAnon.

QAnon has repeatedly posted links to articles by both Sara and John. QAnon has also directed folks to watch Sean’s prime time show for important news.

Post Q# 1988 on 8/29/18 (in part):
Hannity 8.28.28.

There has been a direct threat made by “Q” to the Deep State in terms of the health of all 3 media personalities. The exact phrase was “Self-suicide if activated” as to any harm that may befall either SH/SC/or JS.

Post Q# 840 on 3/14/18 (in part):
Hannity intruder.

Just as many may suspect a few members of Congress (Gowdy/Grassley/Goodlatte) as bring “read-in”, this would apply to a few trusted media. Popcorn at the ready fellow Patriots as the stage has been set for the finale.

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