Ron DeSantis Says His Border Wall Support Was ‘Satirical’


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis told reporter John Stossel in a recent interview that his famous 2018 “build the wall” campaign ad backing President Trump and the construction of a wall on America’s southern border was a “satirical” publicity stunt meant to feign support for the MAGA movement and manipulate the anti-Trump media into playing the ad on TV, giving his campaign more recognition among voters.

John Stossel interviewed Ron DeSantis ahead of his official presidential campaign announcement and asked him about his famous 2018 gubernatorial campaign ad that features DeSantis reading stories about President Trump to his young child and building a mock border wall out of children’s building blocks behind a caption reading “Build The Wall”.

The ad called DeSantis a “pitbull Trump defender” and also featured Casey DeSantis boasting that her “everybody knows” that her “husband is endorsed by President Trump.”

Now, DeSantis is preparing to challenge Trump for the GOP presidential nomination and Team DeSantis is claiming that Trump had little to do with his 2018, victory despite his endorsement demonstrably flipping the GOP Primary race in DeSantis’ favor.

“It sounds like you were sucking up to Trump,” Stossel told DeSantis.

“Well if you watch that, I mean, you know, it’s a satirical ad, it was a little tongue-in-cheek,” DeSantis replied.

“But that was, uh, many years ago I was running, and um, we wanted to get some notoriety and so I knew if we did that, that it would cause the press to go berserk,” he went on. “And what they would do is they would be outraged by it but they would keep playing it and so people would see [the ad].”

“And so what we were able to say is ‘ok here’s my wife, we’re a young family, here’s that. And so that kind of got projected out. So, I don’t even know how much money we paid to run it, but the media ran it for us because they were so upset, you know, that it was a pro-Trump ad.”

Watch the clip below:

In addition to announcing that his support for President Trump and the border wall was a “satirical” act to get him elected Governor, Ron DeSantis has announced that on May 24th, he will join Elon Musk in a Twitter space to officially declare his run for President.

DeSantis has been ripped for making the announcement on Twitter, considering that just days ago it was announced that Linda Yacrino, a World Economic Forum Executive Chair with a penchant for censorship has been named as the platform’s new CEO.

Ahead of the official 2024 announcement, DeSantis is trailing Trump in GOP primary polls by huge margins, posting his worst numbers yet. According to a recent Morning Consult poll, President Trump holds a massive 43-point lead over the Florida Governor.

Watch the FULL 2018 pro-Trump DeSantis ad, which he now insists was “satirical”: 


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