SGAnon, aka Stephen Harvey


SGAnon, aka Stephen Harvey

Clickbait Extraordinaire




SGAnon, aka Stephen Harvey, makes his grand reveal on Pedo friend Scott McKay’s show. SG tells us to focus “on the mission”. The mission is destroying fake news, right? Like what SG & McKay gives us nonstop?



SGAnon claims NESARA is going to get activated and that JFK Jr. faked his death.

Smoothbrain SGAnon claims Trump had Hillary executed in 2018 at 9:05pm….


SGAnon Tries to pass off busses in front the White House as being “tribunal busses”.

Simon Parkes & SGAnon Spread FAKE MEDBED videos of Trump



Michelle Moore Show & SGAnon Spreads Clickbait Fake News (Tx Joins BRICS)




Claims Tom Hanks Arrested for Child Porn:




George Magazine promoting known pedophile Phil Godlewski

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