Shocking Baltimore Footage Shows Pursuit, Crash, Building Collapse


A shocking new video shows a stolen car barreling down a Baltimore City street, striking a vehicle in an intersection, killing a pedestrian, then smashing into a rowhome causing the structure to collapse.

On Thursday, the Maryland Office of Attorney General (OAG) released the jaw-dropping footage which occurred on Feb. 8 in East Baltimore. The incident happened on North Avenue and North Wolfe Street, an area plagued with lawlessness, one of the highest per capita homicide rates in the country, an opioid crisis that is off the charts, and hundreds, if not thousands, of abandoned homes. Some compare this part of town to a warzone.

When the stolen Hyundai hit another vehicle at the intersection, both cars were flung into the building. A nearby pedestrian was hit by one of the cars and was buried by falling rubble. He was pronounced dead on the scene. Five other people were injured, including two in the stolen car.

OAG released surveillance footage of the intersection.


The agency also released body camera footage.

This is another glimpse into Baltimore City, which continues to descend into chaos. The acceleration has been over eight years, beginning with riots in 2015. Also, years of a progressive district attorney and failed Democrat mayors have let criminals back onto the streets.

The crime-infested metro area, run by Democrats, had its first big wakeup call earlier this week when Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot lost her election over concerns about violent crime.

“When you have an incumbent lose it should be a wakeup call, and it should be a wakeup call to Mayor Scott [mayor of Baltimore] because she lost for many of the reasons people are frustrated in Baltimore,” John Dedie, a local political analyst, told Fox Baltimore

Meanwhile, Baltimore City’s population collapsed to the lowest level in a century. Smart residents aren’t sticking around and moving to the county or elsewhere as the liberal-controlled metro area implodes.


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