Should I Be Worried About Monkeypox?


A World Health Organization (WHO) official urged countries to increase surveillance for Monkyepox infections this week as, according to the latest data from BNO, about 400 confirmed and around 50 suspected cases of the infectious disease have been detected so far outside of the countries where it usually spreads.

Source: BNO

As Reuters reports, WHO’s senior epidemiologist Maria Van Kerkhove said during an online briefing cases have so far been detected in more than 20 non-endemic countries, adding that the agency expected the numbers to go up.

“We expect more cases to be detected. We are asking countries to increase surveillance… This is a containable situation. It will be difficult, but it’s a containable situation in the non-endemic countries.”

Health agencies in four U.S. states are now reportedly offering monkeypox vaccines only to at-risk close contacts as a new step in the country’s response.

The Bavarian Nordic-made Jynneos monkeypox vaccine is currently being offered in a limited scope to those at-risk close contact cases, mostly laboratory and healthcare workers, in Colorado, Massachusetts, Virginia, and Washington, CBS reported.

“Vaccine is typically only used if we are concerned about a higher risk type of exposure. Not everyone who is assessed as a contact receives vaccine, because we know that monkeypox is not as easily transmissible as other viruses like COVID-19,” said Dr. Julia Murphy, a public health veterinarian for the Virginia Department of Health, in a statement to CBS News.

So, given all that FUD, should we be worried about Monkeypox?

PeakProsperity’s Chris Martenson clears up all the confusion and media hype.

Monkeypox! You know what? It’s absolutely nothing you should worry about from a personal or public health standpoint.

Even better, there’s no evidence that it has come from a lab – so that’s a huge relief. In this video, I explain all the reasons why it’s not a health concern.

However, the way it’s been used by the press and health authorities to spin up more fear/anxiety and to reach for quarantine powers is disturbing.

Just as troubling is that there was another Event-201-like simulation run in spring of 2021 that featured monkeypox as the lab-tweaked pathogenic agent unleashed on the world.

Man, I hate coincidences.

At any rate, many of the same disturbing cast of characters sat in or contributed to this exercise as they did for Event 201.

Moreover, there were a very large number of high-level U.S. government officials involved as well as a bevy of corporate and top-end university players.

Meanwhile, there seems to be no rush to disclose the sequence of an actual public health concern which is the adenovirus linked to the many severe and even fatal cases of childhood hepatitis. Why is that? We got the sequence of omicron within hours of its discovery, and ditto for monkeypox. Why not the adenovirus associated with these tragic cases of hepatitis?

One possibility is that the sequence would be embarrassing to someone. Or a whole lot of someones. Or maybe it’s simply too hard to isolate…but the silence is becoming deafening. It is increasingly becoming a sin of omission.

Watch the video…


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