Silent War # 6367: War on Western Children, Replacement Is Here, Resistance Rises


In this episode of The Silent War:

Laughing Thugs Corner and Savagely Assault Terrified Student at a Minnesota Middle School.

10-Year-Old Kids Denied Drinking Water In Class Because Of Three Muslims Observing Ramadan.

Six US Middle Schoolers Face ‘Hate’ Charges for Alleged ‘Racist Online Chat’.

SMURFGATE: Interview with 16 Year Old German Girl Loretta Reported by Principal, Yanked From Class and BUSTED for Posting Smurf Video.

“Time To Bud Light Them”: Tyson Foods + Dozens of other Major Corporations Firing American/White Workers & Replacing Them With Illegals.

UN Advisor: ‘Whites need to be stripped of power’ (Doesn’t realize Jews have it all.)
Report: ‘Healthcare workers’ raped innocents; UN ‘peacekeepers’ shelled civilians.

Florida Chabad Jewish Center And Synagogue Torched In Arson Incident.

Pfizer Chemical Spill in Michigan Causes No Contact Advisory of Kalamazoo River.

CDC Finally Releases 148 Page Study on Myocarditis Following COVID Vaccine – And EVERY SINGLE WORD is Redacted!

DC US Attorney Matthew Graves Threatens to Seek More Prison Time For J6ers if Supreme Court Reverses ‘Obstruction’ Statute This Summer.

Illegal is going viral by telling illegal immigrants how to “invade” homes in America thanks to progressive squatting laws.


In Case You Missed It:

Badass ‘Vigilantes’ Show Up Evict Squatters At NY House Where Homeowner Arrested

Netanyahu Suggests ‘New US-Built Port Could Help Deport Palestinians’

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