Silent War Ep. 6222: 3dPrintedRocketLaunchers & The NWO. COST OF EVERYTHING SOARS


In this episode of The Silent War:

J6 Committee Dems Hire TV Exec To Literally ‘Produce’ Hearings.

Gas nearly $5 It’s Not Just Gas Prices… Electricity Rates Are Up 77% to 233% in Last Year as Democrats Declare War on US Middle Class.

Biden DOJ Charges Enrique Tarrio and Four Others with ‘Seditious Conspiracy’ for Jan. 6 Protests Despite Fact that Tarrio Was Not Even in DC on Jan. 6th.

U.S. FDA Says Novavax Covid-19 Vaccine Linked to Myocarditis Days Before Critical Vote.

Disney Actor Who Played Grandfather On ‘Andy Mack’ Jailed For Trying To Have Sex With Minor.

Demographers Warn Of Impending Population Collapse.

Youth Blood Harvesting: Another ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Vindicated as Fact.
Utah Police Launch Investigation Into Alleged ‘Ritualistic’ Child Sex Abuse, County Attorney Demands Sheriff Resign.

YouTuber 3D Prints “World’s First” Rocket Launcher And Fires At Target.
Former Pennsylvania Democrat Congressman Pleads Guilty to Fraudulently Stuffing Ballot Boxes For Democrat Candidates.

Seattle School Principal Refused to Cooperate With Police as Deranged Intruder Was Terrorizing a Class of Fifth Grade Students, Allowing Him to Exit School Lockdown And Immediately Commit Multiple Assaults Before His Arrest.

Nude Hunter Biden Recklessly Brandishes Illegal Firearm With Prostitute In Leaked Video As Joe Biden Demands Gun Control For Law Abiding Americans.


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