Silent War Ep. 6224: Gun Control Deal Reached. WW3:China. Fox News: Trans Your Kids


In this episode of The Silent War:

Post Vaxxed Justin Bieber reveals he’s been struck by facial paralysis from rare syndrome and shares fears as he struggles to eat.

Russia Issues Unusually Bitter Condemnation Of Israeli Attack On Damascus Airport.

Beijing: ‘China will definitely not hesitate to start a war’ over Taiwan.
Nearly Half of Men Under 50 in the Democrat Party Support Political Violence Including Assassination.

Fox News Advocates For Sex Change In Minor Children, Highlighting Parents Who Sexually Reassigned Their 5 Year Old.

Uvalde Police Chief Tells New Story on School Shooting.

Texas Power Grid Operator Braces For Extreme Temperatures – Energy Rates DOUBLED!

Wisconsin Special Counsel Michael Gableman GOES OFF on Wisconsin Partisan Judge and Leftist Group Running Fishing Expedition on His Office.

“It Was Unethical… They Doctored their Tape – They Defrauded Viewers – Trump Committed NO CRIMES!” – Attorney Dershowitz on Primetime Jan. 6 Hearing.

California State Senator Wants to Mandate “Drag Queen 101” in K-12 Curriculum – Same Democrat Who Proposed Bill to Relax Sex Offender Punishment For Sex Crimes With Minors.

Senators Reach Agreement on Gun Control, Including Red Flag Laws – Here Are the 10 Republicans Who Joined the Dems.

US Navy declares ‘safety pause’ after three aircraft crash in a week.

In Case You Missed It:

Newly released Capitol Police timeline exonerates Trump, says Pentagon offered National Guard four days prior to Jan. 6

US Department of Defense Finally Comes Clean – Admits in Public Document that There Are 46 US Military-Funded Biolabs in Ukraine

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