Silent War Ep. 6279: Brazil J6 Moment, Gates Planning C19 2.0, Pelosi, MRNA Menstruation, FDA Blames Pfizer


In this episode of The Silent War:

Brazil Election Breakdown: Officials Shut Down Website and Remove Evidence After It Was Exposed.

False Flag Fedsurrection in Brazil: Several “Imposters” Identified After They were Caught on Camera Conducting Acts of Terror Dressed as Bolsonaro Supporters.

The World Health Organization, Johns Hopkins, and Bill Gates Just Conducted Another Pandemic Simulation — This Time The Virus Is Deadlier And Targets Children.

California Democrats Are Handing Out Cash to Everyone—EXCEPT WHITE PEOPLE.

Maricopa County Kept a GOP Heat Map of Expected Voters Hanging on Their Wall – Then 84 PERCENT of Voting Centers with Machine Problems on Election Day were in DEEP RED DISTRICTS!

Hillary’s 2016 Campaign CFO and Biden’s Head of SEC Is Caught Hiding Meetings with Hillary, Soros, Pelosi and Others From His Calendar.

‘Some Sort Of Sex Slave’? Son Of Paul Pelosi’s Attacker Breaks Silence, Fuels Speculation.

Another CNN Pedophile Pleads Guilty To 9yo Child.

CNN Threatens to Quit Twitter After Employee Is Banned for Doxxing Elon Musk and Endangering His Young Son.

SAFE and EFFECTIVE: New Scientific Study Finds Nearly 1 in 4 Women Have Problems with Menstrual Cycle after Taking mRNA Vaccine.

FDA claims Pfizer deceived them, distances from Vax makers amidst ongoing deathtoll fallout – but they knew.


In Case You Missed It:

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People Died From mRNA-Vaccine-Damaged Hearts, New Peer-Reviewed German Study Provides Direct Evidence

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