Stew Peters Show: Expert OBGYN Confirms COVID Jabs Kill Babies, Sterilize Women


An expert OBGYN joined the Stew Peters Show to reveal the horrifying results of his research into COVID-19 jabs, which show their life-altering and deadly impacts on pregnant women and their children.

Dr. James Thorp, a distinguished OBGYN with over 43 years of experience, has performed extensive research into COVID, the jabs designed to supposedly prevent it, and their impacts on pregnant women and their children.

Thorp’s research, which he’s published in a draft scientific paper, confirms some of the jab’s most horrific side effects and blows even more gaping holes in the medical deep state’s “safe and effective” narrative.

“COVID-19 vaccines, when compared to the influenza vaccines, are associated with a significant increase in adverse events,” Thorp’s research has found.

Included among these adverse events are “menstrual abnormality, miscarriage, fetal chromosomal abnormalities, fetal malformation, fetal cystic hygroma, fetal cardiac disorders, fetal arrhythmia, fetal cardiac arrest, fetal vascular mal-perfusion, fetal growth abnormalities, fetal abnormal surveillance, fetal placental thrombosis, low amniotic fluid, and fetal death/stillbirth.”

“For two years the medical deep state was able to maintain almost total narrative control over COVID,” Peters said, before bringing Dr. Thorp onto the Stew Peters Show to expound on his research findings.

“The truth of the matter is, the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and all of the other medical boards, all of the hospitals are tainted and they’re compromised,” Thorp said of the medical community’s centralized efforts to push deadly COVID jabs, even on America’s most vulnerable and youngest citizens.

“I am absolutely 100% confident that this [COVID jab] is killing and maiming pregnant women, preborn fetuses, and children,” said Dr. Thorp, who’s testified to Congress on issues of pregnancy and fetal health numerous times.

“In the United States of America,” Thorp said, “the physicians are complicit with pushing a dangerous vaccine.”

The US government, which Thorp describes as a key stakeholder in the medical-industrial complex, is pushing a “worldwide delusion” around COVID jabs, the Dr. told Stew Peters.

“This was a historically unprecedented mass disinformation campaign responsibility for killing and maiming hundreds of millions around the world,” Dr. Thorp said. “This is the greatest deception and arguably there’s a greater loss of life than there was with Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich.”

The American people have been told to “trust that guy in the white lab coat. [That] he cares about your healthcare, he cares about the safety of the baby that you’re expecting to deliver,” Peters said.

“We have now learned that is a complete fallacy.”

Watch the complete segment of the Stew Peters Show below:


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