Stew Peters Show: National File Reporter Exposes J6 Agitator’s Ties to FBI, Antifa, Ray Epps


Investigative journalist Alicia Powe joined the Stew Peters Show on Monday to discuss the bombshell J6 report that she broke exclusively on Powe’s reporting revealed that left-wing agitator and CNN cameraman John Sullivan, also known as Jayden X, plotted J6 violence on Discord servers and met with notorious J6 figure and suspected federal provocateur Ray Epps ahead of the demonstration.

As reported by Alicia Powe for National File, Powe sat down with James Sullivan, the brother of John “Jayden X” Sullivan, for an exclusive interview revealing the depth of left-wing agitator John Sullivan’s involvement in January 6th and his alleged links to America’s federal government.

As Powe explained to Stew Peters, James Sullivan told her that he’d “been trying to reach media with this story for months and they don’t want anything to do with it. Particularly Fox News and such.”

“It looks like, after months of investigation every single day, January 6th was obviously orchestrated by government actors,” said Powe, recounting how John Sullivan called on J6 demonstrators to “burn this sh*t down” and even boasted that he was armed with a knife during the demonstrations.

“On top of what we saw him do on January 6th, bragging about it, he gets rich off of it,” Powe told Peters, referencing John Sullivan’s sale of video footage showing the shooting death of Ashli Babbitt to CNN for a whopping $30,000.

“Who do you think it was that was at the top of the planning and the orchestration and the implementation of this event on January 6th?” Peters asked.

“Well it looks like the FBI had a big role and according to James Sullivan, John Sullivan worked with the FBI to cripple Utah’s Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups prior to January 6th and he met up with Ray Epps prior to January 6th in [Washington, DC’s] Freedom Plaza.”

Further linking left-wing agitator James Sullivan to the corporate media and the federal government, Powe explained, Sullivan was accompanied in Washington, D.C. on January 6th by a video journalist and has gone on to become a foreign reporter in Ukraine – which requires the permission of the US and Ukrainian governments.

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