They’re Just Getting Started…Transgender Militants Call for Widespread Violence Against Christians


Hyper-violent transgender militants say they’re just getting started after a targeted attack on a Nashville Christian school by a woman claiming to be a man who took the lives of three young children and three of their teachers before the trans mass shooter was eliminated by the police.

The mass shooting in Nashville was far from the one-off act of violence that pro-trans pundits and politicians are telling the American People that it was, and is in fact just the latest mass shooting to be carried out by a murderer claiming to be transgender. In the case of the Nashville attack, Christian children were deliberately targeted for slaughter as they attended school, something that those in the radically left-wing LGBT movement have been threatening for quite some time.

On the same day that Audrey Hale, a woman who claims to be a man, murdered six in Nashville, pro-trans radicals in other parts of the country demonstrated in favor of violence against those who oppose their movement.

“The mass shooting in Nashville today wasn’t a one-off,” nationally-syndicated news host and defender of Christian values Stew Peters posted to Twitter, along with a disturbing image of a pro-trans demonstrator in Oklahoma City, who on the same day as the anti-Christian Nashville massacre held a sign threatening to shoot anyone dead who opposes “trans rights.”

“Trannies have declared WAR on Christians,” Peters wrote above the photograph.

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In the immediate aftermath of the Nashville massacre, trans activist Alejandra Caraballo, who’s known as “@Esqueer_” online, endorsed the pro-trans attack, describing it as a form of vengeance for Tennessee’s new law protecting children from castration and exposure to drag queens.

“Thank god Tennessee protected the children from the so-called horrors of drag and gender-affirming care so they can be shot up at school by an AR-15 instead,” Caraballo tweeted.

Murderous violence from transgenders and LGBT’ers looks like it’s just getting started, and on April 1st, there are plans to hold a “trans day of vengeance” in Washington, DC, where openly-violent transgenders say they’ll assemble outside of the US Supreme Court.

They are just getting started.

— Lauren Witzke (@LaurenWitzkeDE) March 27, 2023



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