Top Secret US Documents Show Corporate Media is Lying About Russia, Ukraine


Top secret US documents that have been leaked to the public show that corporate media is blatantly lying about the level of death and overall casualties experienced by Russian military forces in their special operation in Ukraine and that the US government is using artificially low numbers provided by the Ukrainian government to cover up that nation’s true battlefield death tolls.

The Ukraine leak represents the largest US intelligence leak since a decade ago, when computer intelligence consultant Edward Snowden proved to the world that the United States government was spying on its own citizens, under the guise of national security. Now, the leak of intelligence documents pertaining to the Russo-Ukrainian War proves that the United States government, in concert with corporate media, is lying to its citizens in an apparent effort to drag out the war in Ukraine and pump up artificial support for it at home.

While countless corporate media reports in the United States and the wider NATO world have claimed that Russian forces have lost a whopping 200,000 men since the special military operation in contested regions of Ukraine kicked off last year, US intelligence reports put the figure around 43,000.

While dispelling the outlandish media reports on Russian casualties, the leaked intelligence documents parrot the Ukrainian military death tolls claimed by that nation’s government, which say they’ve lost just 17,500 men.

Tragically, these figures are far from reality. Ukrainian soldiers and observers of the Ukrainian war effort have reported multiple times since the conflict heated up last year that the Ukrainians have been ordered NOT to retrieve the bodies of their fallen comrades so that the fallen men won’t be officially reported as military deaths, keeping the figures artificially low. As a result, thousands of Ukrainian fighters are thought to have been buried in mass graves.

According to estimates from the Donetsk People’s Republic, the pro-Russia separatist region that broke away from Ukraine in 2014, in the battle for Bakhmut alone, Ukrainian deaths have dwarfed the 17,500 figure they claim to have lost in the entire war. The DPR says that Ukraine has so far lost over 20,000 men in Bakhmut.

The battle for Bakhmut and other military engagements has been so deadly for Ukraine, that Ukrainian military commissars are kidnapping and conscripting young men in broad daylight in an effort to keep their ranks full. When new recruits and conscripts reach Bakhmut, they are expected to survive just four hours.


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