Trans ‘Grandma’ Lactates, Chestfeeds Baby Thanks to Pro-Trans Doctors at Duke University


Researchers at Duke University say they’ve helped a trans-identified male “grandmother” to lactate and successfully chestfeed his grandchild through hormone treatment.

Duke University researchers say in a study published in the Breastfeeding Medicine journal that the 50-year-old trans-identified male “expressed the unique desire to breastfeed her expected grandchild at an appointment with her endocrinologist in the spring of 2022,” adding that it “was a last-minute idea that came to her very close to her daughter’s due date.”

The researchers wrote that the male “grandma” “lactated for a total of two weeks” and was able to feed the baby while producing up to 30 ml of milk at a time.

The study was credited to Duke University’s Esme Trahair, Sarah Kokosa, Andy Weinhold, Heather Parnell, Andrea Dotson, and Carly Kelley and comes as trans activists and their medical allies continue to push the envelope, often at the direct expense of children.

This includes promoting the idea of “chestfeeding,” which involves infants sucking on the nipples of men to mimic the act of maternal breastfeeding.

Under any standard, this should be considered child molestation, but when biological men are pumped full of female hormones and begin lactating, it’s chalked up to science and gender affirmation.

In the same Duke University study, the researchers made sure to mention that the male “grandma” also “reported unforeseen benefits” of the hormone regimen, “including female gender affirmation and full breast maturation.”

“Conversations with the subject before, during, and after treatment revealed important insights for the ongoing discussions about the role of lactation induction and breastfeeding in gender-affirming care,” the researchers noted.

The study at Duke marked just the latest performed in the United States, and other, more clandestine studies have also taken place, often being documented on the internet, as men post video footage of themselves pumping fluid out of their pill-induced breasts and forcing babies to latch onto their nipples.

It also marks just another mile in the long and disgusting road of pro-trans medical research that has contaminated American medicine and science to a massive extent and has resulted in the widespread abuse of children, like the baby involved with the chestfeeding study, and like the children who’ve been pumped full of hormones and puberty blockers, and later surgically mutilated, in the name of transgenderism.

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