Video: Masked Antifa Thugs Run Violent Security for Drag Queen Story Hour


Video footage recorded outside of a drag event targeting kids in British Columbia, Canada shows masked thugs in Antifa-style garb attacking a group of counter-demonstrators who showed up to oppose the sexual grooming of innocent children.

The Coquitlam Public Library in British Columbia, Canada was the site of pro-groomer violence on behalf of Antifa thugs, who were posing as security guards for the “drag queen story time for kids” that was taking place inside. As captured on video footage, counterdemonstrators were attacked by the masked men dressed in all black, as homosexuals and others in favor of sexualizing children cheered them on from the library steps, chanting “love is louder.”

“All hell has broken loose outside of the Coquitlam Public Library,” Drea Humphrey, of Rebel News Canada, posted to Twitter, along with a nearly 5-minute-long video clip of multiple left-wing, pro-groomer thugs attacking pro-child demonstrators.

In the footage, a man carrying a sign that reads “SEXUALIZING CHILDREN IS CHILD ABUSE,” with the web address at the bottom, is repeatedly attacked by the “Antifa looking allies” that “swarmed” the area.

Also among the victims of the Antifa thugs were members of Gays Against Groomers.

Watch the Video Footage Below:

CTV though, a left-leaning, nationally-broadcast Canadian news outlet, told a much different story of the pro-groomer, Antifa violence outside of the Coquitlam Public Library.

In video footage posted to Twitter by CTV’s St John Alexander, the physical attacks on pro-child demonstrators are cut out entirely, and Alexander claims that the Antifa thugs outside the library were mere “supporters” of drag queen story hour, who had “confronted” the counter-demonstrators.


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