Video: Matt Gaetz Wears MAGA Hat to Congress After DeSantis Announcement


America First Congressman Matt Gaetz walked into the US Capitol the morning after Ron DeSantis’ official 2024 announcement wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat in support of 45th President Donald J. Trump. Trump spoke to reporters at his Trump National Golf Course outside of DC on Thursday morning, telling them that he feels “great” about the 2024 election, citing his big lead in recent polls.

In a 7-second video clip posted to Twitter, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz is seen walking into work at the US Capitol wearing a red “Make America Great Again” cap with a large American Flag on the side, flexing his support for 45th President Trump and the America First agenda the morning after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis officially announced that he’d challenge Trump for the GOP nomination in next year’s presidential primary.

“Beautiful day on Capitol Hill!” tweeted Gaetz Comms Director Joel Valdez. “MAGA hat stays on!” he wrote above the video.

Gaetz, along with fellow Florida Congressman Byron Donalds, is one of several high-profile Floridians to have endorsed President Trump over Ron DeSantis in the 2024 GOP Primary and wrote in an op-ed countering Team DeSantis talking points that “Only Trump can be trusted to enact the ‘America First’ agenda he ran on in 2016. We won’t accept any imitation.”

Speaking to reporters at Trump National Golf Course outside of Washington, DC, 45th President Trump said that he feels “great” about the 2024 race following the DeSantis announcement, citing recent polling that shows him with a massive lead among GOP Primary voters.

“How are you feeling about 2024?” a reporter asked.

“Great,” Trump replied.

“We had a poll today, 71 to 16,” he went on. “And I guess the Fox poll was good, they’re all good. The polls are very nice.”


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