Video: School Board Tries and Fails to Silence Mom Exposing Sex Book Available to Kids


Members of the Chesterfield County, Virginia School Board tried and failed to silence a mom as she read from a profane, sexually explicit book during the public comment session at this week’s board meeting.

The Chesterfield County School Board gathered Monday night for their first review of draft policies that purportedly make it easier for parents to protect their kids from sexually explicit and profane materials, though parents are slamming the draft policies for not doing enough.

Giving the school board a first-hand account of the materials available to children, without parental consent, in Chesterfield County, several parents arrived with place-marked books, ready to read aloud from the public comment podium. Some even had copies of Virginia’s State Code and education guidelines in hand, to show the board all the ways that their literary agenda violates existing state law.

“I raise my daughter with morals,” one mother said as she addressed the board, and prepared to read straight from a book on Chesterfield County school shelves.

“There should be no sexually explicit materials in an elementary school,” she said, as parents in the audience applauded.

Then, she began reading directly from the pages of “It’s Perfectly Normal,” one of the dozens of sexually-explicit books found on the shelves of Chesterfield County Public Schools.

“One kind of sexual intercourse happens when a person with a female body and a person with a male body are so close together that the vagina stretches in a way that fits around the penis,” the mom read from the book before she was interrupted by a pair of school board members, trying to shut her down.

Ironically, while the book is available to small children in Chesterfield County schools, the two board members objected to the mom reading the book to adults, because children may be in the audience.

“This is in your schools! And we’re sick of it!” the mom rebutted.

“There should be no sexually explicit material. Your grades are all down. Your test scores are down. Children can’t read,” she went on.

“I help out in my children’s class. There are third graders that cannot read that are scooted on along the line. This should not be your topic,” she said.

“Just say no. Let’s bring that back from when I was in elementary school. No sexually explicit material.”

While two board members tried to silence the mom, another expressed his own shock that the book was being made available to kids as young as elementary school.

Watch the Exclusive Video Below:

Stick with National File for more details regarding the situation in Chesterfield County Public Schools, as families fight to take back control of their communities.

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