VIDEO: Speaker Mike Johnson Supports ‘Additional Aid for Ukraine’


New GOP Speaker of the House Mike Johnson told reporters that he supports sending additional American aid to Ukraine, even as opposition to the taxpayer-funded aid packages hits all-time highs. This, as Congress ramps up efforts to aid Israel in the ongoing conflict there, another cause to which Johnson has declared his support since winning the gavel on Wednesday.

Reporters at the U.S. Capitol asked newly-elected Speaker of the House Rep. Mike Johnson if he supports sending even more American aid to Ukraine, to which Johnson replied, “We all do.”

“There’s, uh, we’re gonna have conditions on that so we’re working…” Johnson went on, before a reporter interrupted him, asking “what kind of conditions” the aid will be met with.

“We want accountability and we want objectives that are clear from the White House but we’re going to have those discussions and it’ll be very productive,” Johnson responded.

Watch the video footage below: 

Though Johnson’s election as speaker was hailed by many on the right as a finger in the eye of the globalist, war hawk establishment, and corporate media played its part by publishing headlines claiming that Johnson would cut Ukraine off, his comments to reporters on sending additional American aid to Ukraine appear to validate concerns that National File raised in the run-up to Johnson’s speakership vote.

While Johnson’s voting record largely leans conservative and has been praised by many in the America First movement since he began making national headlines earlier this week, his campaign finance records tell a far different story and reveal that the Louisiana Congressman is backed by major movers and shakers within the military-industrial complex.

When Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky previously addressed a Joint Session of Congress, Johnson vowed the United States would “stand with Ukraine” against a nuclear-armed Russia.

What’s more, is that Morris & Dickson, the pharmaceutical company that was responsible for distributing all COVID jabs delivered to the State of Louisiana, is Johnson’s top donor in the current cycle.

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