Fake News UK Channel 4 “Mocumentary” Fail After Attacking Dustin Nemos


Fake News UK Channel 4 “Mocumentary” Fail After Attacking Dustin Nemos

“The reality of the world is very different to what you’ve been told on fake news”

When the New Channel 4 documentary The Cult of Conspiracy: QAnon attempted to ambush yours truly (as have so many other Fake News film crews, including Vice, CBS, French TV, Japanese News, a rather sketchy group from an outfit affiliated with a group called “Soul Pancake” and the “Into the Storm” Netflix hit piece documentary) with gotcha questions specifically intended to embarrass, ridicule, or debunk the Q Movement, I was – as always dear reader – prepared for anything.

So of course, the only thing that made it into the actual end footage was a few out of context clips that they expected would embarrass a group they hate – only to have it backfire as my positions are solid and well articulated.

Since they had “nothing” they ran whatever they could scrape out of the hours of footage they took.

Here’s what they got.

“His [Barack Obama] wife is better hung than I am and I’ve seen it on YouTube – multiple videos.”

Link 1:

Link 2:

The Video:

Of course, it’s worth mentioning that the Q Movement is the most peaceful movement, proportionally speaking, in the history of the world.

While the Fake News media likes to portray the Q positions as something like believing in interdimensional vampire child molesters and terrorist like yearnings – the truth is a bit more mundane, yet equally as horrifying – Industrial level child trafficking, Epstein-level corruption among powerful figures and high ranking politicians. Blackmail, intrigue, murder – and of course, collusion with the media to cover up real stories of pedophilic abuse.

Such as ABC spiking the Epstein (who did not kill himself, another common Q position) child rape story, or BBC protecting Satanic Serial Pedophile Jimmy Saville (May he burn in hell) – to name a few short examples.

As for violence?

While the Fake News loves to cite a few highly question if not incredible or even staged examples of Q supporters engaging in criminal behavior: (Perhaps the most iconic example being a nobody who showed up wearing warpaint and viking horns to a serious political protest, carrying blood-marked signs complete with bullet holes. Who just so happens to have connections via his sister to the repeat “Agent Provocateur” Austin Steinbart who was arrested for online criminal behavior attempting to elicit Q movement supporters into online group criminal activity and pretending to have the support of General Flynn – Until yours truly passed the information along to Flynn and immediately he unfollowed and discredited that particular infiltration effort for good.

Austin was also swiftly evicted from a child trafficking rescue effort after attempting to elicit the group to commit criminal activity on camera with guns, They are not sending their best.. but I digress.)

The reality is: you’re more likely to be attacked or assaulted by a Mainstream Media Journalist, than a Q Supporter.

In a movement of tens of millions world wide at least! (in fact – Forbes estimated over half the Republican Party in the United States alone were Q Supporters.) the weak handful of examples they use seem hollow, if not outright contrived (But the fake news would never lie, right?)

Contrast to the hundreds (if not thousands) of examples of leftwing radical violence which are promoted, ignored, given air time, or even endorsed by the Fake News and far left political hacks. And protected by an entrenched Communist two tiered justice system.

Consider #HuntRepublicans, where Steve Scalise was nearly murdered for being conservative and blue checkmarks including journalist talking heads were repeating and even defending the phrase.

Consider the fascist tactics of the Communist leftwing Antifa Radicals, resulting in over 1000 assaults on Trump supporters, Christians, Women, and even Children.

Consider the instigation and formation of the Black Supremacist Terrorist organization deceptively named “Black Lives Matter” where Black Lives Matter-Antifa mobs actually caused over one to two billion dollars in damages across America with the consent, protection, and sheltering of radical left attorneys (Notice those riots never happen in Florida, where Police don’t stand down or kettle conservative peaceful protestors into violent mobs of leftwing thugs – or worse, join in the beating of innocent people while releasing or ignoring the leftwing violence in almost 100% of examples.) In Minneapolis alone, Black Lives Matter mobs damaged or destroyed over 1,500 businesses or buildings.

Over 700 police officers were injured in the BLM riots — and that was back in June of 2020!

Black Lives Matter was linked to at least 91% of the riots that resulted in the most expensive property damage in US insurance history.

Democrats incited the Black Lives Matter mobs for months as they destroyed communities across the country.

Consider the Greatest loss of life in Oregon State history as Antifa incel rage burned Oregon and California with massive and organized arson.

Consider the “highly organized” roving armies of violent leftwing soyboys moving from place to place to attack Democrat opponents.

Consider the Fake News racial instigation and pot stirring as they target children for being white.

And the Politicians? Just as bad behind closed doors. Amidst the completely one sided civil war level violence inflicted upon Trump supporters, they defunded police!

They Hate you – but you already knew that. And I don’t just mean Trump supporting Christian Republicans. I mean everyone. Especially Christians, and our Troops.

They want to turn our country into South Africa.

By the way, Michelle Obama IS a man. An angry one.

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