Watch: Leftist Talking Heads Claim Letting Trump Back On Facebook Will “Destroy Democracy”


Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

Reacting to the news that Facebook is to allow President Trump access to its platform after a two year ban, leftist ‘journalists’ on MSNBC claimed that it will “destroy democracy”.

Trump derangement syndrome is well and truly back, with New York Times editor Mara Gay, Lincoln Project co-founder George Conway, and historian Jon Meacham crying about Meta helping to “take down the country” by allowing Trump to return.

Conway said “They think, ‘Well oh, the fire’s out, so even though this guy has a cache of matches and gasoline that he carries around with him, let’s let him just play with matches again.”

Meacham described Facebook’s decision on Trump as a “devil’s bargain” claiming that Meta needs more money and Trump needs to gain relevance again.

“If you are one of these companies, do you want to be the means by which an autocrat mounts an assault on the Constitution itself?” he added.

Gay chimed in “As a country or as a company, you don’t want to hand over the keys to democracy to have someone destroy that democracy. Do you want to be that institution that really helps take down the country?”

She went on to compare Meta’s decision to reinstate Trump to chemical companies pushing for wars so they can sell weapons.

More video below:


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