Watch: Thermal Drone Footage Shows Army Of Illegals Entering US


Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

Footage captured by a thermal drone shows an army of illegal migrants entering the U.S. at Eagle Pass, Texas, yesterday with the reporter who captured the footage noting that it happens “every morning”.

The video shows scores of migrants lined up ready to cross into the U.S. under cover of darkness.

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin tweeted out the footage Thursday, noting that there have been over 1,400 crossings in the Del Rio sector alone in the past 24 hours, and close to seventy thousand since the beginning of last month.

Texas GOP ~Senator Ted Cruz commented on the footage, noting that “5,000,000 illegal aliens have crossed the border since Joe Biden was elected.”

Last week, similar footage captured migrants streaming into Eagle Pass basically unimpeded.

Speaking last week, Melugin urged that he witnesses the same thing happen every morning “with no resistance” on either side of the border.

Melugin noted that many of the migrants he speaks to repeat the same phrase, “Joe Biden es el major”.

Melugin recently highlighted newly released CBP numbers showing close to a quarter of a million encounters with migrants at the border in October alone, with 64,000 recorded “gotaways”.

As we highlighted last month, newly published federal data revealed that close to a hundred individuals listed on the FBI terror watchlist have been apprehended at the Southern border in the last year, a record high and a huge uptick in recent months.

Federal Data Quietly Reveals 100 Terror Suspects Caught At Southern Border

The data was highlighted by Melugin, as he noted that the figure is almost four times the previous five years combined:

Previous data from 2019 indicated that zero terror suspects had been encountered at the border.

Earlier this week, DHS Secretary Mayorkas laughably insisted that the southern border is secure:



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