Diving Deeper Into General Flynn’s Masonic Prayer. What ARE The 7 Rays of Light? *UPDATED*


Diving Deeper into General Flynn’s Masonic Prayer. What are the 7 Rays of Light?

*Updates at bottom* Last update 12.14.21

“I decided to dive deep and figure out where the Seven Rays of Light he referenced came from. And I found it. God help us all. What I found was shocking.”

I recognized an occult undertone to this prayer immediately. And while I’ve always defended Flynn – I couldn’t simply ignore a seemingly occultist prayer uttered in a Church – even leading the congregation in recitation.

I decided to dive deep and figure out where the Seven Rays of Light he referenced came from.

And I found it. God help us all. What I found was shocking.

(If you are not yet aware of who Freemasonry worships (Satan), please watch this video – www.nemosnewsnetwork.com/them)

Reminder to the “Digital Soldiers” about “Be Careful Who You Trust” – Gen. Flynn a Secret Satanist

Where did I come across this information? Researching the OCCULT (Occult means Hidden. And in seeking to KNOW THY ENEMY I found God in the pages of history. But that’s a story for another day! – Suffice to say, I shifted from Anti-theist to Fundamentalist Christian Apologist.

Here’s the book that referenced the Seven Rays.

The Hidden Life in Freemasonry Paperback – June 23, 2017 by Charles W. Leadbeater 

And to be clear. No one has defended the Flynn family and America’s General more I.

Before I was banned on Twitter, Flynn even followed me!

Flynn’s Demonic Prayer to Fallen Angels (Satan) In Church – Copied from A Witch

I invited General Flynn to respond to the allegations and clear the air. I reached out to him via his brother, Joe – who has been on my show in the past.

Here’s the response I got:




After our bestselling Book on Q topped the Amazon charts (Before it was Banned, you can now find it at www.TheGreatAwakeningBooks.com) The Good General even wrote our team this letter:

After I came out with this information, however, Joe Flynn began to troll my chatroom.

I had to give him the Boot.

I share these things so that people know I am not out to get Flynn. My motives are simply to follow the truth, no matter how hard it may be. It’s also important to understand that MOST Freemasons believe they are good Christians. They don’t represent what happens at the 33rd degree.

My purpose in this life is to help people, by sharing truth.

Update 12.7.21 – Catholicism outlawed Catholics becoming Masons.

“the Code of Canon Law published in 1917. In this code was the following law:

Those who join a Masonic sect or other societies of the same sort, which plot against the Church or against legitimate civil authority, incur ipso facto an excommunication simply reserved to the Holy See. (Canon 2335)”


Since this article published – many have defended Flynn’s actions and words while completely avoiding or downplaying them. I get loyalty – but not at the expense of integrity.

One popular example is Dave, aka “Praying Medic” whose dream interpretations and political commentary have been a major force in the growth of the Q Movement. For which I honor him. (At least, the political commentary part..)

However, this defense with little to no addressing the actual and legitimate causes of concern gives me great pause.

Much like Flynn himself, he ridicules the detractors while avoiding their arguments. This is a *big* red flag in any honest debate.

“Recent attacks on General Flynn were not done just to cause division in our ranks. They were also intended to damage his reputation and cause us to abandon him.
That tells us he is a priority threat to the deep state and suggests other attacks and harassment against him are coming.
Please keep him in prayer.”

Ironically his very next post was forwarded from RealGeneralFlynn on Telegram that said this:

“Know your enemy, Know yourself, Know your Data…21st Century Warfare.”

So which is it? Should we not ask questions, or should we KNOW our Data?

If you want to know your enemy click here.

Perhaps its time someone asked Praying Medic about his own involvement with the (Fake) MAGA COALITION:

You know, that who tried to take down the Q Movement by fundraising from MAGA. Including threatening to sue yours truly over Q’s identity.

Dave Praying Medic Hayes
Dave Praying Medic Hayes: Dinner with the Enemy

But more importantly,

Flynn’s 7 Rays of Light?

Here’s the source, a freemason corrupted occult infection of Christianity:

This makes it all the more ominous to learn that Michael Flynn’s brother just got credibly accused of lying to congress:

The report by a top DC national guard lawyer calls General Charles Flynn an ‘absolute and unmitigated liar’

Update 2.7.24:

The Truthers are Waking up to Flynn…

“GEN FLYNN’S THE RINGLEADERAt some point all of you will become aware that General Flynn fractured the conservatives on behalf of Israel and took control of half with his “Digital Soldiers”. His book on 5GWarfare was a step by step guide on how he did it. He didn’t write that to help you. He wrote that to flex and show off. He needs you to know exactly how he pulled of his big trick. Your now witnessing a Civil War as Truthers who stand against the genocide in Gaza and Israel’s control of the U.S. Government and foreign policy come together to expose the infiltrators and frauds within our ranks like

and others which is why you see

circling the wagons around his paid assets trying to shield them from the full force of Truth Movement scrutiny. He will fail. Just like those who tried to hide that 9/11 was an inside job failed. Oh you all forgot Flynn never called that out didn’t you? Did you know in his 2016 book he told the world as a result of the “Muslim” attack on 9/11 that radical Islam was the number 1 enemy of the USA. He was balls deep in the Inside job that was 9/11. His job as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, the second highest Intelligence chief on the planet, put him in the drivers seat to witness the evidence of the 9/11 inside job and also the operation that produced the RussiaGate Conspiracy. He failed to say anything about either. Incompetence? Hardly. Flynn is a brilliant man. Brilliant, ambitious and treasonous. Exactly why Trump hired him like so many others to expose him under the spotlight then fired him in a new record shortest ever stint as National Security adviser. Many of you loyal to him may say he was simply playing a role. He pretended to be loyal to his old bosses Obama and Clapper to infiltrate their side and gather intelligence. Kind of like a double agent. If so then why did he not warn Trump of RussiaGate while it was happening? If that had succeeded Trump and his family would of been executed as traitors. Flynn said nothing. If he was acting as a double agent then why is he now still pushing for war against Muslims and in particular Iran just like he did when he worked for Obama? He was always a neocon warmonger who serves the military industrial complex first before any loyalty to his country. His foreign policy has always benefited one country above all others. Israel. It’s getting harder and harder to hide his true colors now and the facade is being exposed by the amateurs like Dom Lucre that Flynns put into positions of influence dropping the ball. His options are running out. When I first covered Flynn on my podcast early last year there were only 9-10 serious Truthers on his tail. Now there are hundreds. His soldiers are falling. His 5G Warfare propaganda failing. His only option now is a run for Vice President or even POTUS himself. We’ve seen Roger Stone nominate him. Who would be his biggest opposition? Trump of course. But the Truthers loyal to Trump will pull Flynn apart like Lego if this happens. How will he and his assets stop us? Remember what happened last time. We could not be defeated. So they had to purge us all. Why? Because the Gay 5GWarfare bullshit failed. Flynn’s Digital Soldier network is crumbling. This is literally why he’s holding reawakening rallies begging for pennies and telling people to sell the gas in their cars for $8 a gallon to then give him the money. He’s desperate. Dom was his number one Digital Soldier influencer. But with his fraudulent documentary being exposed he shit the bed big time and soon his remaining credibility will evaporate faster than Flynn’s National Security Adviser career did. There is now a clear divide amongst the Conservatives. A fracture. One group truly loyal to Trump. The other loyal to Israel first and whichever leader best serves that country as POTUS. RFK Jr, Hayley…they don’t care. They aren’t even hiding it anymore. There can be no #UNITY


General Flynn’s Contradiction on Pegasus – Is He BUSTED LYING?



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