Monday, February 6, 2023

Scott McKay – Patriot Streetfighter – Clickbait Friend of Pedophiles

Scott McKay - Patriot Streetfighter Hangs out with & defends child rapists and others who also endorse pedos. Defended pedophile Phil Godlewski (SGAnon?) who he associates...

Pedophile Phil Godlewski

Phil Godlewski Child Rapist. Phil Godlewski is so absolutely screwed The victim in Phil's "corrupting a minor" charge from years ago where Phil was 25 years old...

The Q ‘Plan’ Advances (11/6-14/22)

Reported by: Probablyalexandra *Note: This author does not support the Q movement. The following article should be viewed within the context of their Substack as a whole.   New...

Q Just Called Out The Jewish Mafia

In this Q report: The Q Program is now backing up Kanye West against the Jewish Elite Mafia That Rules the World And more! In Case You...

Q Does Something Useful: Socratically RedPills Millions On Europe

In this Q report: The Neverending SAGA of Q has accomplished yet another intellectual marvel and figured out the situation in Ukraine is not what...
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