“Be Careful Who You Trust” – Q

Be Careful Who You Trust: How To Know Who To Trust In Media

This will become a bit of a evolving project as evidence is gathered and sorted. Check back for updates, feel free to suggest something by contacting us.

I’ve been a reporter and journalist since ’17, and I am going to begin adding my notes on potential FAKE MAGA here for others to utilize and contribute to:


Gatekeepers – Click to Enlarge

Some are a bit long, and will get their own page.

Alex Jones

Timothy Holmseth – Pedophile?

Juan o Savin aka Wayne Willott, aka “W” aka Fake JFK Jr

Jack Posobiec

James Red Pills America (Coming)

Scott McKay – Patriot Streetfighter – Friend of Pedophiles

Phil Godlewski

SGAnon, aka Stephen Harvey

Austin Steinbart

Jewish Leaders of the “Alt Right”

Milo Yiannopoulos (I’m watching)

Mindy Robinson (I’m watching)

Nick “Charlottesville” Fuentes (I’m watching)

Kanye West

Elon Musk

Baked Alaska

Scott Adams

Ray Epps – Unindicted Federal Agent Provocateur

Sean Hannity

Andrew Tate

Michael Jaco

Simon Parkes

And just to be safe:


General Flynn

Tucker Carlson

Richard Spencer (coming soon)

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Ron DeSantis

In Case You Missed It:

Timothy Holmseth – Pedophile?

Juan o Savin aka Wayne Willott, aka “W” aka Fake JFK Jr

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