Austin Steinbart


Austin Steinbart infamously tried to agent provocateur the Q truth online community with organized criminal activity detailed below, aka as Fake Q or “Baby Q.”


Austin Steinbart Arrest



Unfiltered rough notes:

6th October.

(in case link does not work Agent 19 26th March 2020

title: austin steinbart Is Not DIA or Q: AMATEUR HOUR)

Above video is done by an experienced Military guy who picks apart Austin brandishing a gun in one of his video’s.

29th August 2020

(Miss Qniverse: title (Mirror) Majestic 12 Austin Steinbart Psychological Operation Exposed

In the above video at the 8min mark. that girl looks to me like she really doesn’t want to be there. Geronimo is just a house to party, booze drugs,sex. Lots of exposure in this.

Miss Qniverse 14th August :title Be Careful Who You Follow

I found the above video very good. Miss Qniverse has discovered the reason for the lawsuit and also the others he has implicated, his followers.

I also have a thread forwarded to me via @MhaireadM who is helping with this Steinlarp problem. The thread is by@johnmyers2 { March21st : This thread is to address the Austin Steinbart issue 14 tweets 4min read}

@1st5d Kate Mazz also tries keeping tabs on Steinlarp,

the link below is from a live stream and it ties into the “Be Careful Who You Follow video because it was live on THE 27th MARCH. THE SAME DAY Q RETWEETED NO OUTSIDE COM’S. Below is a screenshot of my attempt at stamping it. I got very annoyed at the guy in the corner smoking away and playing with the screen looking like the cat who swallowed the canary. After watching “Be Careful Who You Follow” I think I know why. The records Austin was hacking he was sending straight to him. Austin’s talking away at the surgery and hacking confidential files on celebrities.


The above link is a video of Redpill doing an interview with @Miss Qniverse

and @Archangle Michael who were on Austin’s team at house Geronimo. the whole thing is worth listening to.

The above link is massive. it is recent. A week ago. It is his parents but Mhairead and myself think they may be actors. I definitely do not believe the mother’s excuse for the pot. You have probably seen and heard all of what I have piled here. There is more. there is always more. I have not had a good look at Kate Mazz’s work on him yet. It is a bit ominous that he is released on

“NOVEMBER 3”.. Also I will try to discover if it is even possible that he is really able to record shows from Federal Prison. Times change.

Why do large youtube voices continue to promote #FakeAnon?

Channels like The Deacon and Katie G with Investigative report continue promoting The Austin as Q psyop – and it really is a psyop, wait til you see this footage!

Q said “They” Would activate all assets. Including Seeming pro Trump and pro Q accounts.

“Be Careful Who you Trust”

Also see where he brags about explosives and drugs in his home, and filming false flag events. He steals valor from General Flynn and implies Flynn would encourage you to follow his criminal advice to gangstalk and criminally harass his enemies. Including Doxxing medical information from individuals.

Also Note: After being Warned (by me) General Flynn unfollowed him and Q immediately posted a reminder “No Comms Outside the Board”


Confirming that #FakeAnon Austin Steinbart is a liar.

But this video proves he is also an Agent Provocateur – trying to incriminate patriots. – backup Austin copy