Tucker Carlson


Tucker Carlson

“Advocate for Gay Marriage, Claimed Bible stories are “Obviously fake” and friends with Hunter Biden.. Not to mention the occult…”


About this Tucker Carlson shit.

Did you know once Tucker graduated University he went to CIA training and then eventually washed out and “failed”? Coincidentally other media personalities like Anderson Cooper did as well.

Tucker though, was next in line after his father, to be the next “Voice of America”. Although Tucker’s role seems to be a little shrouded compared to his father.

Trust the plan, I’m sure Tucker is the capeshit hero we’re all programmed for. Like Trump was. Or how people simp for Elon now.

TL:DR Kabalah Bracelet aside, Tucker is a federal mouth. Don’t relax.




Tucker Carlson Kaballah Bracelet
Tucker Carlson Kaballah Bracelet – Learn about the Seed War

Busted emailing with Hunter Biden – Longtime friends.

Tucker Carlson, practicing Kaballist, is excited by Minority White America.

And have you seen how he treats 9/11 truthers?




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