3 Easy Ways to Grow Tomatoes from Cuttings and How to Layer Plants to Multiply 1 Plant Into 1000


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Starting tomatoes from cuttings is super easy. Today I share three ways to propagate tomatoes that work great – guaranteed!

Three Ways to Grow Tomatoes from Cuttings

1. The Granny Method

Rooting tomatoes in water is easy. Just take some tomato cuttings and remove the bottom leaves and any blooms or young fruit. Now pop them in water. Wait a couple of weeks, then pot them up when they have roots. Feed and put them in a little sun, getting them used to the sun day-by-day.

2. Ground Layering/Sticking Cuttings in the Ground

Do you have a sprawling tomato plant? You can root tomato branches in the ground by bending them down and covering a piece of the stem with soil. Weigh it down with a brick if need be. Alternately, if you have moist conditions and soil and the weather isn’t too hot, you can sometimes just take tomato cuttings and root them directly in the ground.

3. The Mini-Greenhouse Method

This method of rooting tomato cuttings is almost foolproof. Just take your cuttings and stick them in a pot of moist potting soil, then bag them up and put them in the shade to root. The baggie will help the tomatoes root by keeping them from drying out. A few weeks after bagging, take off the bag and adjust the potted tomatoes to full sun, then you can plant them out. This also works with rooting other cuttings.

There are three easy ways to start tomatoes from cuttings! Give ’em a try!

Source: David The Good


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