Meet ‘Secret Society’ Member David [DL] Laufman !!!


David [DL] Laufman formerly was the DOJ’s Deputy Assistant AG in the National Security Division. [DL] oversaw counterintelligence, export control, FARA, counterespionage, and cyber security for the DOJ.

Post Q# 2070 on 9/3/18 (in part):
David Laufman, Chief of the Justice Department’s Counterintelligence and Export Control Section [NAT SEC-HRC email invest]-FIRED/FORCE.

Laufman was a former federal prosecutor who worked directly under Assistant AG John Carlin and oddly they both resigned around the same time. [DL] was a proud member of the DOJ’s small group or ‘Secret Society’.

Post Q# 1828 on 8/9/18 (in part):
[DOJ] [LL] [SY] [BO-CS (UK)] [DL] [PS] [DL] [JC] [MM] [RB].

This criminal small group from within the DOJ/FBI was deliberately kept from OIG Horowitz’s oversight by Sally Yates. SpyGate/Crossfire Hurricane coup plot was hatched and implemented by this rouge ‘Secret Society’.

Post Q# 2107 on 9/7/18 (in part):
Who signed?
’Knowingly’ used FALSE intelligence.

Laufman assumes his role in 2014 and was one of the key players in both the HRC email server and Russia hack investigations. David was involved with the July 2016 Interview of HRC along with FBI Peter Strzok.

Post Q# 2135 on 9/10/18 (in part):
Think DOJ/FBI classified leaks to FAKE NEWS.

[DL] also had a hand in launching the probes under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) with Paul Manafort and General Flynn. David ends up recently representing Monica McLean (Dr. Blasey Ford’s pal) in the bizarre Kavanaugh hearings.

Post Q# 1978 on 8/29/18 (in part):
What if this is ‘known’ within the FBI and DOJ?
decode: HRC’s Server Hack by China

David had a close working relationship with the DOJ’s #4 Bruce Ohr. The Secret Society was racing against Admiral Rogers in getting the Carter Page FISA Title-1 approved.

Post Q# 2538 on 12/8/18 (in part):
Panic > RATS.
Dark to Light.

Admiral Rogers had shutdown outside contractors (Fusion GPS/Crowdstrike) from accessing NSA 702 ‘about queries’. Admiral Rogers had also launched a review of FISC/FISA past abuses.

Post Q# 1979 on 8/29/18 (in part):
Evidence of an ongoing investigation.

The original Carter Page FISA request was turned down once (Summer 2016) by the FISC and everyone was pushing hard in the Fall of 2016 for approval. Operation Trump has gone from clearing HRC to going after Trump.

Post Q# 1975 on 8/28/18 (in part):
What are the odds that the FBI and DOJ are right on top of this?

The Secret Society need the Carter Page surveillance warrant to be able to HOPS communication chains to reach Trump. The intended individual is reverse targeted using this legal ability to ‘leap-frog’ several degrees to form an umbrella surveillance net.

Post Q# 2494 11/20/18 (in part):
Nothing can stop what’s coming.
A crossroads in the history of our civilization.

The Deep State is amazed their deep look into President Trump’s background came up dry and are in an obvious panic. QAnon has reminded us that FISA works both ways 🙂

Post Q# 1402 on 5/17/18 (in part):
Think DOJ and FBI.
Think cleaning.

Time is growing near fellow Patriots that the hidden truths and diabolical coup plots are all going to be publicly exposed. Popcorn ready as showtime and the justice phase is finally here!

Post Q# 2872 on 2/22/19:
Hillary Clinton and Foundation.
Crime Against Children.

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