Enter 4Chan, 8Chan, and finally after much censorship – 8Kun. The Internet’s last bastion of free speech, the wild wild west of the world wide web. The Headquarters of the “Autistic Army” – The language is foul, the trolls are many, never was there a more deplorable den of internet trolls whose greatest joy was tearing down Smug online pricks.”
                                                                        -Anonymous Commenter


8Chan is one of the more obscure and misunderstood elements of the Q Movement. At first glance, you’d not think it would be the central HQ of the resistance to overthrow corruption world wide. It’s filled with trolls, porn, spam, jerks, and filth. It’s truly anonymous, and where anonymity exists, all too often manners do not.

But, the same reputation of free speech protection that makes it such a veritable morass of slime also makes it the most effective tool we have in the organization and direction of the movement’s efforts to Drain the Swamp and expose corruption, treason, and pedophilia among those previously considered too powerful to jail. The platform allows truly anonymous communication (when done correctly..) and is our direct link to the Q Team. The “Autistic Army”, as they are affectionately known and referred to – even by Q, are paying incredible attention to this anonymous stream of unfiltered consciousness. And when legitimate truth is leaked or anonymous whistleblowers come forward with legitimate information, they are often the first to break the news.

Under the constant weight of massive, sophisticated – potentially state level attacks on the website infrastructure and connection, DOS and other forms of attacks. 8chan was rebuilt, more hardened from attack – as 8Kun (In Japan, Chan is a child, and Kun is a teenager – So in a sense, you can see how 8chan is maturing as it evolves in the face of censorship and attack.)

And the Autistic Army has matured as well, millions of Anons across the world in almost any country you can think of are joining in protests, bringing Q themed Signs and banners. Or engaging in “The Great Meme War” online – countering the fake news with infographics, art, and imagery that all the wealth and power of Big Tech still struggles to identify with their pet AI (Note, as of 3.27.21 – the AI HAS become far more advanced and this is becoming more difficult to pull off on big tech platforms). This fatal weakness allowed Q and a few million patriots worldwide to utilize the internet – what was meant to be their control grid,  And use it for the greatest tool of mass awakening ever built. As Q promised, we “are the News Now.” And you have no further to look than the multiple incidents of mass layoffs from Corporate Media despite Trump’s record economic highs. We are winning the battle for the narrative. The people are more awake than ever, the sleeping giant has awoke and tyrants are beginning to tremble in fear as each of their attacks and attempts to stop or derail or co-opt our movement have failed or worse, backfired.

The Advantages:
“Men can be killed, but idea’s are bulletproof”

There are certainly advantages beyond mere safety when besieging the deep state system anonymously. One is recruiting, The talent pool of the Anon community in this movement is quite a topic in and of itself. Every imaginable background is encouraged to contribute their skillset for the cause, not for glory or personal gain – but for the mutual desire to see a better world that we all feel. We have experts in cryptography, steganography, intelligence, law enforcement, military, government, politics, banking, investment, finance, business, teaching, the arts, we have LGBT, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Arab, Indian. We have Men, Women, And those who identify as something in between. We have Patriots, Walkaway, Health Freedom Advocates, Free Speech Advocates, Republicans and Democrats. And we are united by our shared culture of exposing corruption in hopes of a better world. Q Showed us the way, but he tapped into something that has always been there – waiting for it’s time. Unsure where the pressure would finally release – but a growing certainty that it would. Millions knew what was coming before Q ever hit the scene. When the history books are written about this moment in time – I hope that they include this: The true power of QAnon was in uniting these oppressed tribes and giving them a banner from which to fight, to win, and to celebrate those victories.

Open source investigation – The most powerful form of truth discovery open to We The People. And before you begin to doubt this ragtag motley crew – The “Autistic Army” I want to tell you a short story about them – and more importantly, what a little dedication and Open Source Investigation can do, when combined.

“He Will Not Divide Us” – Perhaps you’ve heard this phrase?

Shia Labeouf (The Actor, bit of an anger issue.. Seriously haven’t seen a Democrat this mad since Republicans took their slaves away) created the “He Will Not Divide Us” “art” aka protest project by setting up a webcam in New York. It was supposed to be a permanent live feed for the duration of Trump’s presidency. The intention was for liberals to repeat the slogan and other leftist rhetoric talking points to affirm the echochamber of leftist politics. As you can imagine – this did not last long.

Within a week he was arrested for assaulting someone after shouting in their face surrounding his event. New York City Residents had hijacked his message of Hate and broadcast overwhelming support for president Trump. Trolling him mercilessly until finally it was shut down by the same museum that had hosted the display – the Museum of the Moving Image, in Queens.

But it didn’t end there, Shia, incensed, then moved the exhibit to El Rey Theater in Albuquerque in mid-February, but the trolling continued. The live stream was spray painted and it was eventually shut down.

The next incarnation took the form of the “art project” featuring a livestream of a flag waving in the air. The stream contained only the sky  as a backdrop to this flag to disguise it’s location from the trolls. ‘Finally,’ Labeouf must have thought, ‘there is no way in hell they’re finding or using this to promote Trump!’


But Shia would be proven wrong once again—instead of vanquishing the trolls, he started the most epic game of capture the flag of all time.

The anons, using only the live stream of the flag, began studying the flight patterns and contrails of the airplanes passing in the background sky of the livestream. They mapped out their findings, matched them to flight radars to try and pinpoint a general area. With this, they were able to deduce from the flight patterns they recorded that the location was near Greeneville, Tennessee.

What happened next surprised even me. 

The Autistic Army turned to studying the star patterns and with that, plus a tweet that Labeouf sent out in a Tennessee diner, the trolls were able to narrow the area even more—to a small patch of land between a house and a river.

We are everywhere. So it naturally flowed that there was a local Anon who was able to help from this point. The channers were able to enlist a local anon to drive around the area and repeatedly honk his horn. Can you imagine? A person driving around a small Tennessee town, blaring their horn so that the livestream could pick up the sound in order to triangulate the position of a flag setup by an angry Never Trumper Hollywood celebrity.

In the dead of night the horn was heard up on the live stream and the anon posted his location.. In one of the most compelling examples of Open Source Investigation ever recorded – Down went Shia’s white flag of defiance, up went a red Trump hat.

The Anon who successfully stole the flag now has it proudly hung on his wall. This iteration of He Will Not Divide Us Lasted just 38 hours and 14 minutes.

Next, Shia placed a replacement flag on the roof of the Fact Museum in Liverpool, England. Easy to find, difficult to reach.

Anons set to work. While considering options to reach the roof and gathering intelligence on the lobby security staff and timing their rotations. It was learned that Shia and allies were actively watching this one – ready to call the police to spoil the Anons should they gain access.

So Anons ran a counter-intelligence operation posting fake updates to the boards.

After sorting numerous plans involving drones, lasers, sawing apparatus in attempt to burn or capture the flag once again. These anons even flooded the museum with applications for internships, jobs, etc. in an attempt to gain access. It finally ended when some anons scaled the building and nearly accessed the flag before being ran off by security and escaping. The Museum closed the project.

At one point Shia raised the flag on a white wall backdrop and no audio. Not much to go on. 3 hours 58 minutes later, they have an address – This time based on slight changes in light from a window opposite the flag and lights at night.

Ask yourself this – If this “Autistic Army” can find something so easily that this wealthy celebrity wants kept hidden so badly and went to such extreme measures to secure – what other areas might those skillsets be applied to?

I sometimes wonder if the Q Team, and Perhaps President Trump himself – have asked themselves this very question?

And perhaps you begin to understand the nickname. “Autistic Army”

There are some very brilliant and hyper focused people in this movement. And they deserve a lot more credit than the little they receive. It is a thankless job – but one that is sorely needed. I for one am very grateful to each and every of these faceless, nameless heroes.

In effect, Tapping into the Q Community gave President Trump his own Media Network and Intelligence operation, 100% volunteer and powered by We the People. This allowed president Trump to shine a huge flashlight by directing anons toward specific topics in the news cycle. Q could break through censorship and reach 10s of millions of people in moments.