Arizona Democrat Wants to Get Rid of ‘In God We Trust’ License Plates


An Arizona state lawmaker is trying to get rid of “In God We Trust” specialty license plates because he says an “extremist hate group” is benefiting from each purchase.

The non-profit says it is the victim of a “misinformation campaign.”

Democratic state Sen. Juan Mendez introduced a bill seeking to bar the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) from selling the plate with the national motto because proceeds go to the Scottsdale-based religious freedom law firm, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).

Arizona allows non-profit organizations, like ADF and the University of Arizona, to create specialty plates.

A portion of the purchase — no tax dollars — goes to the group.

The Secular Coalition for Arizona, a group that opposes religion in government, directed Mendez to find out where the money from the plates was going, AZ Central reported.- READ MORE

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